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PLANNED PARENTHOOD DEFUNDING1Planned Parenthood DefundingThe Planned Parenthood defunding is proposed. Taking this stand causes many factors toexplain. These are as illustrated. President Obama and the democrats in senate are intent toclose the federal government to assure that tax dollars cannot follow to their political allies.There are overwhelming evidences that confer that hard earned money of American of shouldnot be poured into the Planned Parenthood. There are proofs by the undercover videos thattop Planned Parenthood officers have collected the specimens and changed the abortionmethods and negotiated for the body parts. It is found that profiting from the sales of humanorgan is an offense and is against the law. The second reason for defunding the PlannedParenthood is its ignorance towards the child sexual abuse and enabling the marauders.Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in America. It is revealed that roughlyone out of four abortions in country is conducted by the Planned Parenthood facility. Therehas been more that 6 million abortions since 1970. In the 2013, the Planned Parenthood hasperformed a record of 357,653 abortions.It is found that planned parenthood is centred on the abortion as is revealed by the AbbyJohnson that she has been given the abortion quota and has been told by her superiors thatquota of abortion should be doubled. It has become the business model for the success ofPlanned Parenthood.It is found that taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood results in higher abortions (Abby,n.d.). Planned Parenthood is identified as not safe for the young girls and women. PlannedParenthood is sued for the failure to report the sexual abuse or to notify the parents of minorchildren who seek abortions on multiple occasions.It has been found that women do not receive the proper care. This reason shows thatdefunding of the Planned Parenthood is necessar4y. Planned Parenthood endorses the casual
PLANNED PARENTHOOD DEFUNDING2attitude towards sex in children and it starts with the kinder garden aged children. PlannedParenthood hand out condoms that look like candy and ever it has built the website forcollege students to brag that when they had sex. This is done by the hard earned tax dollarspaid by American people. Planned Parenthood promotes the sex education into the publicschool and it is done to create a continuous cycle of customers.It has misused the tax payers’ funds. Planned Parenthood has been alleged and sued for thedeceitful use of tax dollars. They organization receives q.2 million tax payer money everyday yet it has paid $4.3 million dollars each year.The moral issues of killing the children in the womb are also associated with PlannedParenthood organization. More than seven million pre-born babies die because of womenvisiting to Planned Parenthood.Planned Parenthood is accused that it does not provide the mammograms and it does notbecome a significant primary care service provider to the women. It is identified that it hasprovided the primary care only to the 19700 unduplicated clients out of 3 millionunduplicated clients.The Americans are not against to defund the Planned Parenthood. There is 42 percent ofAmerica people voted to cut the funding to Planned Parenthood. Healthy majority ofAmerican people oppose the idea of giving their tax dollars for abortion purposes.Another claim against the Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger is that she was foundto be a strong believer in eugenics. Her documented belief showed that she was against theemulation of poor people or those people who are mentally defective or poverty stricken. Shefurther states that most merciful act for the large family is to kill the infant person. Thislegacy has been evident in the practices of Planned Parenthood.
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