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Computer Science Exam Questions

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Added on  2019-09-16

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This set of exam questions covers various topics in computer science such as fetch-decode-execute cycle, DOS and Linux commands, data structures, process control block, deadlock, and file storage allocation schemas. Each question is broken down into sub-questions with a total of 65 marks available.
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Please as much as you can don’t write an essay for the question try to draw diagram and if write a long answer try to under line the most important words and try to simplify and write a clear answer not an essay the important point
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1.(d) The Little Man model uses a single-digit op-code and a 2-digitmemory addressing andhas the following instructions defined wherethe address portion is shown as xx.OpCodeInstructionDescription1xxADDAdd the value of a given memory location tocalculator2xxSUBTRACTSubtract the value of a given memory location tocalculator3xxSTORECopy the value from the calculator into a givenmemory location5xxLOADCopy the value from a given memory location intothe calculator6xxBRANCHUnconditional branch. Set the Program Counter tovalue xx7xxBRANCH IFConditional branch. If the accumulator is zero,ZERObranch to xx8xxBRANCH IFConditional branch. If the accumulator is positive,POSITIVEbranch to xx901INPUTGet the value from the IN-TRAY and put it into thecalculator902OUTPUTPut the value in the calculator into the OUT-TRAY000HALTTake a breakWrite a program using these codes to take two numbers which are contained in the IN-TRAY and display the sum (+) of those numbers in the OUT-TRAY. Comment every instruction.(20 Marks)
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