Please complete the following pseudocode to implement the

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1.Please complete the following pseudocode to implement the semaphore abstract.Class Semaphore {//Fields - add your pseudocode// Methods - add your pseudocodevoid init(int val){// add your pseudocode}void wait(){// add your pseudocode}void signal(){// add your pseudocode}}2.Write the Pseudocode for the following problems: suppose there are three threads A, Band C. A keeps producing an item into a buffer B1 of size M, B keeps taking an itemfrom B1, and put into another buffer B2 of size N. C keeps consuming an item frombuffer B2. Please write the pseudocode for Thread A,B,Ca.Using the semaphores class defined above to synchronize them.b.Using the Monitor abstract to synchronize them.3.CPU scheduling (You shall use the simulator provided on blackboard with CPUscheduling lecture notes) (40%)ProcessArrivetimeExecution time (C)Period (T)P0028P1016P2013a.Consider the above periodic process set. What is the total utilization of the givenprocess set? What is the hyperperiod? Please draw the Gantt Charts to illustratethe schedule in hyperperiod using EDF and RMS respectively.
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