Assignment on Postmodernism

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STUDENT NAME_STUDENT NUMBER_ HSC210_Written AssessmentPlease ensure you follow the instructions provided in Assessment THREE in the assessmentsections on learnline.Question 1What insights do post-modernist perspectives provide and what might this mean for health practice?The post-modernist perspectives denotes an attempt for operating outside boundaries of discourseswhich underpin the dominant ways for seeing the society along with regulative principles on whichthey are being founded. Postmodernism within sociology defines analytic thinking of social &cultural features associated with late capitalism (Bury, 2013). The post-modernist attitude for healthreflects the holistic view as well as individuals belief.There were three revolutions with respect to public health which involves: communicablediseases, non-communicable diseases and the third is dependent on view of health asresource for day to day life with an aim for emphasising on sustaining with a quality life.There are different perspectives with respect to post-modernisation, they are discourse,panopticon, bio-power, surveillance, performativity and subjectivity. Each have differentfeature associated with them.Discourse is referred to as conceptual generalisation of conversation which takes place interms of conversation and modality. This is an intellectual enquiry which involves religious,legal and medical discourse. In context of healthcare, it involves medical communicationwith respect to doctor-patient, specified communicative behaviours and influence on patientoutcomes (Prosser, 2015). It leads to creation of affirmative implications on healthcarepractices that are being followed in Australia as via this patients can effectively communicatewith doctors and can illustrate the problems that are being faced by them.This can be understood by taking an example like through discourses the medicine can beprescribed accordingly.Question 2Despite increases in funding, explain why in Australia, Indigenous health outcomes are still an issue?Provide examples to illustrate your argument.1|P a g e
STUDENT NAME_STUDENT NUMBER_ HSC210_Written AssessmentIndigenous health is defined as social, cultural, emotional and physical well-being of Torres StraitIslander or aboriginal people. This illustrates that indigenous Australians are prone to mental healthproblems, diabetes, cardiovascular, chronic kidney and respiratory diseases (Smith, 2016). Fundingfor them comes from wide range of sources that comprises of Commonwealth & territorygovernment agencies and various others.Funding responsibilities for aboriginal primary health care has been increased from ATSIC toCommonwealth Health department within 1995 which lead to enhancement of funds forAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander which involves new programs like primary health careaccess program. There has been an increment of around $193 million.Government agencies are looking forward for competitive tenders and they are being takenaway by non-indigenous people. Despite of the fact that, $232 million was provided by NAHSbut it was not executed in an appropriate manner (Germov, 2014). This lead to minimisedgains with respect to Aboriginal health. Along with this, there were no expertise who canadminister the health related programs & there was insufficient information associated withperformance along with progress for attainment of outcomes associated with this.An example can be taken to understand this like indigenous health gap is accountable foraround 59% of entire burden of diseases in 2003 for Indigenous Australians which indicateshuge possible for health gains (Fisher and Macdougall, 2019).Question 3Psychiatry can be viewed as an institute of social control. Draw on sociological theories andexamples to discuss this statement.Psychiatry refers to the frame of reference with respect to what is taken as normal and what ispathological. It can be considered as an important aspects which is favourable to understand actualmind of set of people that facilitate to improve the wrong thoughts of people in society. Meanwhile,2|P a g e
STUDENT NAME_STUDENT NUMBER_ HSC210_Written Assessmentit is necessary to analyse about superstitious ideas and thoughts of citizens that are practically wrongand harmful for others. Psychiatry plays an important role to evaluate such thoughts and put correctefforts to improve them for welfare of society. However, Society plays a critical role in respect topsychiatry as via carrying out interaction with these people, it becomes easy to alter their thoughtprocess and the way they thinks (van Dijk and et. al, 2016). The psychological theories assists tounderstand their patients and if there are misconception then it can be eliminated.For this, there are different sociological theories, symbolic interaction, conflict, functionalistand many other theories are given. The symbolic interaction denotes a micro-level theorywhich emphasise on relationship between individuals that are present in society.Symbolic interaction outlines ways in which human with things depending on meanings areillustrated by them, significance is attained from communication with others & society andways in which meaning is interpreted via individuals while dealing with specified conditionswith respect to their health (Jupp, 2016).This can be understood by taking an instance, people smoke cigarettes even when all themedical evidences points towards dangers but, they feel like they looks cool while theysmoke. This denotes that symbolic significance of smoking overrides facts associated withrisks it brings.Question 4What are the key benefits and limitations of e-health?e-health refers to a usage of communications along with information related with technologiesutilised within healthcare. It consist patient portals where physicians can update new medicationswith proper dosage and patients can put their queries to solve at home without visiting hospitalsagain and again. This not only illustrates technical development but, also emphasise on the ways ofthinking, commitment, state of mind and attitude for improvising healthcare through information &communication technology.3|P a g e
STUDENT NAME_STUDENT NUMBER_ HSC210_Written AssessmentAdvantages1.e-health records render up-to-date, accurate as well as absolute information related withpatients while treating them (Orton-Johnson and Prior, 2013).2.e-health enables them (health practitioners) within quick assessment of patients forproviding with efficient and coordinated care. Along with this, it improvises work-lifebalance.3.It involves few interventions along with telemedicine, health records, telehealth and evenmobile health. This eliminates or minimises cost associated with paper work, duplication,etc.DisadvantagesAttacks such as ransomware lead to security issues and this has costed different hospitals in2017 with thousands of dollars per incident. The software that was utilised within this, madeinformation inaccessible until the specified ransom was paid (Detels and et. al, 2015).There are financial barriers within procurement along with cost challenges related with thisand there lacks applicable software.Example of e-health involves electronic health records, telemedicine, radiation & laboratoryservices, asthma monitoring & home dialysis systems and many more.Question 5How does ideology and politics shape health outcomes? Draw on examples such as the PBS toillustrate your points.Ideology comprises of system of ideals and ideas that are liable for forming basis of economic as wellas political theories & policies. This denotes that ideology is responsible for shaping the way in whichhealth services are delivered.Political ideology refers to set of values, ideas, opinions and beliefs which competesdeliberately and unintentionally for rendering plan of actions for public policies. It can be4|P a g e
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