Normalization of Given Tables to BCNF


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Please normalize the following tables into BCNF. our answer must be in proper form, and you must include your initials in the primary key for each table. Example of proper form and initials:TABLE_NAME(PrimaryKey_TJE, ForeignKey_TJE, attribute1, attribute2, attribute3....)Please include any work you might have when building these normalized relations. If I see the work, and you get the problem wrong, I can still give you partial credit. If you need to add a surrogate key or any other variable, please describe that in your work.
Normalization of Given Tables to BCNF_1

Table 1.) BoatNameMakeModelLengthOwnerLastNameOwnerFirstNameOwnerPhoneAddressCityStateZIPCharterDateCustomerNameAmountFar HorizonCatalinaMorgan38PrincetonDarryl206-543-66772345 15th NESeattleWA9811521-Jun-12Smith, Sally5,000.00$ Ebb TideHunter3838TulsaBill503-486-87861324 24th NEPortlandOR9721521-Jun-12Sailors, Mike5,500.00$ Far HorizonCatalinaMorgan38PrincetonDarryl206-543-66772345 15th NESeattleWA9811528-Jun-12Tully, Jason5,000.00$ Far HorizonCatalinaMorgan38PrincetonDarryl206-543-66772345 15th NESeattleWA981154-Jul-12Atkins, Merle5,000.00$ Foreign ShoresHans Christian38 MK II38BerkelyGeorge425-765-44554567 35th WBellevueWA980404-Jul-12Smith, Sally6,000.00$ Seafarer VEndeavour3737TulsaBill503-486-87861324 24th NEPortlandOR972154-Jul-12Travis, Chet4,500.00$ Seafarer VEndeavour3737TulsaBill503-486-87861324 24th NEPortlandOR9721518-Jul-12Watson, John4,500.00$ Midnight on the WaterSabre3232OxfordKelly503-578-75742435 36th SEAstoriaOR9710318-Jul-12Renborn, "Doc"4,000.00$ Ebb TideHunter3838TulsaBill503-486-87861324 24th NEPortlandOR9721527-Jul-12Sailors, Mike5,500.00$ Foreign ShoresHans Christian38 MK II38BerkelyGeorge425-765-44554567 35th WBellevueWA9804027-Jul-12Tully, Jason6,000.00$ Functional Dependencies: (Make, Model) -> LengthBoatName -> (Make, Model, Length, OwnerLastName, OwnerFirstName, OwnerPhone, Address, City, State, ZIP)OwnerPhone -> (OwnerLastName, OwnerFirstName, Address, City, State, ZIP)ZIP -> (City, State)(CharterDate, BoatName, CustomerName) -> Amount
Normalization of Given Tables to BCNF_2

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