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Student Name[Date]Pokémon-Go

Pokémon-GoQuestion: If you play or played Pokémon Go, did you enjoy the competitive nature of it or the social contact that it afforded more? Or both? Why? Answer: Pokémon Go is a very user interactive fictional game developed by Niantic. On the very first day of its release, the game was downloaded over 10 million times, marking its successin the world of mobile games. It offers next level of virtual reality and allows users to leave houses and physically motivate them to catch and play. I personally enjoyed both parameters involving social contact and the competitiveness it offers. It made me get out of my comfort zone, ran extra miles in the neighborhood to catch them virtually. This game not only challenged me physically but also offered a chance to interact socially with nearby users and gave a brisk of fresh air. We use to bump into each other while playing it and thus increasing the margin of our social lives which other games lack to provide on a social level (McCartney 2016). The game encourages community development and also provides a common platform to share with other users. The game challenges and motivates persons of all age and profession to step out and have fun where they get a chance to share their strategies and overcoming social restrictions which were sought due to modern technical games. Despite having infrastructural challenges, the game came out be a huge success as it shared enjoyment and joy which were deep buried due to technical advancements and modernization. This game offers connection and interaction with other individuals who otherwise are hoodwinked by social anxiety or social awkwardness. All in all this game provides one’s interaction with the physical world rather than close oneself from it. Question: Which of the typical TV viewing gratifications sought also apply to your use of the interactive platform discussed above (i.e., Pokémon Go, or of your choosing)? Please explain. Can you think of any motivations not listed here that drive you to use this interactive platform?

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