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Running head: POLICE IN AMERICAPolice in AmericaName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1POLICE IN AMERICAThere is no gain stating the obvious fact that the police forms an integral aspect of thelegal system of a society, and the police officers play an integral role in the enforcement of lawsand regulations in the society. In a society otherwise infested with crimes, violence and terroristattacks, the police can only enforce laws, bring control and ensure social stability to the largestpossible extent. The police officers, right from monitoring criminal activity and taking part in thecommunity patrols, investigate criminal cases, punish the criminals and bring justice to thesociety. Hence, it is very difficult to imagine a safe and secure society without the intervention ofthe police officers.A few people have claimed that the negative impact of policing far outweighs itsbenefits, and hence it might be useful to see what would a society look like without the policeadministration. The first major change the society would notice is the uncontrolled rate of socialcrimes being perpetrated every hour. It is undeniable that often once a person is killed or aterrorist bomb blast has already occurred, the dead people cannot be resuscitated to life, nor canthe police help the injured ones heal faster than they normally would. However, nobody wouldbe accountable for any harm being done, any loss or damage being caused by one’s action. Thiswould increase the frequency of the criminal rates, and this will eventually lead to unrestrainedcrime rates including robbery, theft, terrorist attacks and murder. One would go on perpetratingsexual assault, molestation and even murder, without facing any consequence, and thus thesociety would fail to prevent the possibility of any harm in future as well. It would be interestingto state in this connection that there are many people such as Van Fossen, who have dismissedthe importance of police stating that most of the problems and conflicts can easily be resolvedwith the help of mediation, negotiation and reconciliation (Brewer et al., 2016). Hence, inabsence of the police authorities, minor social crimes such as theft and minor domestic violence
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