Policy Brief. A 2000 word policy brief that provides:.

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Policy BriefA 2000 word policy brief that provides:a concise summary of a particular issue,the policy options to deal with it, andsome recommendations on the best option.1. AudienceA policy maker such as a government minister, the CEO of anenvironmental NGO, a journalist writing a piece on climate change, aCEO trying to understand what what are the developments in a specificarea so as to be able to decide how that may affect her company(please note, that you are not expected to say how the policydevelopments may affect a specific company, only what are thedevelopments behind that policy).2. ThemeRenewable Energy (wind power)The policy brief should answer this question: The UK is planning to have10.5 MW offshore wind capacity by 2020. What are the keychallenges faced by the offshore wind industry in the UK, what isthe support it currently receives and what else could be done toaddress the existing challenges?Assessment rationaleShow an awareness of relevant theoretical approaches, policy literatureand practical policy debates.6. Assessment criteria
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