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1POLITICSQ. 1. How do Whitlam and Blair differ in their attitudes to public services?Answer: Mr. Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of United Kingdom had expressed hisopinions about the public services and the ways in which the labor party could prove their pointto establish the idealism and realism together and make a strong impact on the minds of thepeople of England (Rentoul 2013). He opined that they were more interested in introducing themarket to the people. They thought that the private sector would do everything right and theypresented themselves as the ‘neo-Cons’ rather than promoting peace after the 9/11 incident. Theyhad created the NHS that opened a huge opportunity for public services and mixed their idealismwith realism.On the contrary, Whitlam has expressed his own experiences and views about the publicservices (Haynes 2015). He has said that their ambition was to build a good government inAustralia. They had the national responsibility of the aborigines on their shoulders and give theman opportunity to earn their livelihood. He expressed his view that he resolved to examine thebarriers that were put up against the Labor reform and also achieve greatness by the Constitution.The urban and rural development, industrial relations and the reforms have to be implementedand the benefits have to be done in terms of the public services effectively (Haynes 2015).Q. 2. What is Millett’s definition of political relations? Why does she argue that gender relations are political?Answer: Kate Millett has thought over the power and political relations over many times and shehas found that power and politics is determined by the races, castes, classes and sexes. This is thedefining scenario for the political relations (Gilpin 2016). She has exclaimed that the politicalrelationship roots from controlling a collectivity, generally defined by birth over another
2POLITICScollectivity which is also defined by birth. One of the historic elements that have remainedconstant is gender or sex. The sexual differences mean a lot in the struggle for power. Manyoppressive situations are created when the race for controlling the political regimes are offered(Gilpin 2016). The racism in gender biasness has a massive role to play on who is going tocontrol the power. This society, being a patriarchal one, has always favored the malerepresentatives on the chair rather than the female counterparts.The sex or gender is really very critical and influential in the time of gaining the politicalpowers and developing effective political relations (Connell 2014). The conventions in thestruggle for power politics have determined the positions of the status quo of women in thesociety. The concept of herrschaft or dominance and sub ordinance in the social structure hasalways remained an effective measure in the control for power.Q.3. How do Okin and Nasbaum differ in their application of liberalism to religious belief?Answer: Multiculturalism is a phenomenon that has been present in the assimilation of theminority cultures with the majority of cultures. This thing is applied when the indigenous,aboriginals, religiously minor people try to assimilate into the major culture. The experts havesaid that this highlights the cultural differences and has become of an oppressive culture in therecent times (Laborde 2013). Another important problem that has been recognized and noticedthat of the polygamy as it is concerned with the women. The other problem that was noticed aswell that of the Magrbin girls in France in the late 1980s. The problem was regarding wearingthe traditional Muslim headscarves known as the proper attire for post pubescent young woman.

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