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POLITICAL SCIENCEQuestion 1The first most objectionable complaint against the British King leading to rebellion fromAmerican Colonists was the refusal to have them represented in the British government.Initially, there had been Colonist representatives that mustered the army and collected taxes andalso contributed in setting local policies. However, after the British war with the French, GreatBritain refused to accept any legislations suggested by leaders in the 13 Colonies in NorthAmerica. The lack of parliamentary representation in the British government angered Coloniststo stage the 1765 to 1783 war for independence.Secondly, the economic troubles after the French & Indian War where the Britishincreased taxes on the Colonies to fund the expenses of the war did not go down well with a thirdof the Colonists. The British government increased regulations on trade including the CurrencyAct and/or the Sugar Act of 1764. The colonies were only allowed to trade with the countriesthat the British government chose and there was no free trade. Due to the Currency Act whichbanned the printing of money within the colonies; the later had to rely on the poor Britisheconomy to survive. The 1773 Boston Tea Party was the culmination of the Colonists’expression against the taxation without representation approach.Further, the criminal justice system within the colonies was quite unfavorable to theColonists and this was quite objectionable. Despite the international outrage that the BostonMassacre attracted and also the arrest of Colonist free thinkers likeAlexander McDougall, thesoldiers responsible for these heinous acts were acquitted of the same. These soldiers amongother British loyalists that infringed on the rights of the colonists including unsanctioned policesearches in private quarters were not charged for their acts. Instead, the colonial governmentintroduced legislation where accused officers would only be sent for trial in England. This
POLITICAL SCIENCElimited number of possible witnesses against them making to a lower number of convictions ascompared to atrocities against the colonies. The system was also corrupt in that the judges wereappointed and also paid by the British Colonial government. As such, there was no fair trial forColonists, leading to extensive outcry and a call to struggle for independence.Question2If I had been there in the year 1776, I would have had sufficient motivation to participatein the cause towards independence. I believe in the words of the declaration that all men havebeen created equal and have rights that are inalienable including rights to life, happiness andliberty. Looking at the atrocities committed against the colonists like the Boston Massacre, thecorruption within the judicial system and the unfavorable trade controls through excessive taxes,I could as well been able to stand against the then colonial government in search forindependence.Question3The articles of Articles of Confederation responded to the demands and wishes envisagedin the Declaration of Independence in 1776 by establishing the United States of America as asovereign country that is independent from Great Britain. It provided that the 13 states remainsovereign, control their own economy and free from Great Britain. For self-governance, theConfederation initially introduced a national government which comprised a one-houselegislature referred to as Congress with each state having one vote. Its establishment meant thatno more taxes could be paid to the British government as each state would have its own money.The Articles of Confederation were flawed first because as a constitution, it did notestablish a central authority for governing the 13 colonies then forming the USA and further,
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