Is the Prime Minister too powerful?


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Is the Prime Minister too powerful?_1

POLITICAL SCIENCE 2IntroductionThe main topic that has been chosen for carrying out this entire essay is "Is the Prime Minister too powerful?" It has been observed that Canada has one of the most unique forms of governments in the world and in the developed nations as a whole. As per the Constitution Act 1867, Canada is mainly regarded as the Parliamentary Democracy given the fact that the constitution tends to provide for the democratic election with regards to the representatives tothe parliament. However, the parliament in Canada is mainly made up of the House of Commons, Crown as well as the Senate. I am for this statement that yes the Canadian Prime Minister holds a lot of power.This particular paper will however critically analyze whether it is a fact that the prime minister holds a lot of power in this country. Moreover, in the body of this essay, there will be some of the disadvantages and advantages with regards to the powerful prime minister willbe highlighted. The concluding remarks of the essay will indicate some of the reforms that are needed for giving the representatives a lot more power relative to the premier will also be looked into. Body OverviewIt has been already stated in the introductory part of the essay that I believe that a huge amount of power is held by the Canadian prime minister. It is quite strange as the office is notenshrined in any type of constitutional document. From the personal point of view, it can be argued that the entire political system can be regarded as an important amount of authority that is held by some of the individuals that tend to assist in the specific society's governing
Is the Prime Minister too powerful?_2

POLITICAL SCIENCE 3(Smith, 2013). This particular supremacy in Canada is mainly divided into various political institutions for making sure that the power can be handled in an accurate manner. Furthermore, in the entire political system of Canada, the distinction in the roles of this type of bodies and the amount of power of grant is determined by the Constitution. The entire Canadian parliamentary system as a whole mainly highlights the extreme sum total of the power in the hands of the Prime Minister. The prime minister of Canada can be described as the individual that has a lot of power. The entire spectrum of the power with regards to the prime minister has led some for claiming that the government of Canada is an autocracy. The PM of Canada is quite strong and unique as he possesses a lot of responsibility than any other governments in the parliament, which tends to distinguish them as one of the most powerful prime ministers. On the contrary, the autocratic status is coined by the Canadian prime minister because of his lot of power along with the grants. However, it has been argued by some of the scholars that the prime minister of Canada is quite similar to the character of the president in his possession of the power but it has been observed that the prime minister mainly lacks in the checks and the countermeasures that are quite prevalent in the entire system (Ley, 2010). The prime minister of Canada has such huge powers that it tends to gain him capabilities that are quite unique for the prime minister and which is why one of the reforms is to be set for the proportional representation for the House of Commons. The power of the prime minister could also be constrained by granting the House of Commons and proportional representationwhich would help change the entire balance between the Parliament and Executive. On the other hand, there are some of the people who argue that the Canadian prime minister is not somuch power as he is portrayed by the media. However, this argument holds no such values and I argue back in this statement saying that the powers and the advantages enjoyed by the Canadian prime minister evidently makes him powerful. The power of the prime minister is
Is the Prime Minister too powerful?_3

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