Political Situation Effects On Travel & Tourism Industry | Assignment

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The TravelandTourism Sector
TASK 1: The History and Structure of the Travel and Tourism Sector...1.2Structure of travel sector1. Transportation- It include the mean of reaching the people used the transport services like-airline,railways,taxi,car facility .2. Accommodation facility-This is the another aspect of the sector tourist have a need a place theycan stay in the organization. They offer the different services like -food and beverages.3.Information and coordination-When the tourist visit the new places they require the all information related to that place. Travel agency have duty they provide the guide,and tourist center address.
4.Whole seller- They have provide the bulk services to the customers in the type of packages.5.Catering and Lodging- It include the service related to the restaurant,hotel and caters for makingand supply the food and beverages.Trand and political sector for the key that are related to useful they make the that are useful management decision making the political environment also affect the business in critical ways. It is the analysis on the economic activity investment environment and economic structure also affect the business in generating the profit and also affected by the company for acquiring the knowledge about the condition of difference they are the depend upon the business development activity that are reflected the business efficiency and effective ways to take decision. The Turkey have the policy for liberalization It supports to the liberal trade and investment policy that affect the business. It is the series of the violent and terrorist affect of the company. This is the disadvantages-for bringing the plant turkey as it may be targetd by the terririst affrect.Task 2: “The influence of local and national governments and international agencies on the travel and tourism sector U.K and China,

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