Portfolio Performance Measurements


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Portfolio Performance MeasurementsMy PortfolioBenchmark: Class PortfolioBenchmark: Russell1000Gross return-5.7336%-18.6757%12.9420%Active return0.5571%-18.6757%Excess return-6.3225%Std Dev (Excess)6.6194%Portfolio Beta against-0.71780.7956Tracking Error against6.7453%6.6194%Sharpe Ratio-0.7178Treynor against-2.8214-0.0795Jensen against-0.0003-0.1615Information Ratioagainst0.0826-2.8214
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Original Portfolio StrategyThis portfolio strategy comprise of all the equity undertakings having long position expecting that the market will gain in the future. I have made this strategy after analysing the NZ market over a long period of time and overall market trend.I have invested all my money in the NZ market itself relying that it will give me fruitfull results and increase my net worth. I don’t allow myself to invest in any foreign market. I have focussed on the investment banking companies in the market as these companies has its own stock analysts who invest wisely in the market and earns well and gives better returns to their investor. I invest approximate 22% of my investment in Goldman Sachs Group INC. Another industry is the IT industry where I have invested the equivalent amount of my portfolio because IT industry is the growing industry and have more chances of growth.Another sector which have an impact on my portfolio is Pharmaceutical Industry in which I have invested approx. 15% of my whole portfolio. It is the sector which will hardly face any recession, it is always a growing sector due to new inventions for the diseases. It is not a part of luxury rather it is the necessity of the life.Rest of the portfolio is bifurcated into different sectors of the economy which has will do better at the time recession as well. The shares of these companies is used as a hedge instrument at the time recession as these will do better.
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