Computers in the Law Office Assignment

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Final Project Due Wednesday, December 7, 2016Case SummaryPrepare a three (3) page (minimum) case summary of two (2) cases (minimum) which support thetype of case you choose to represent in your final project. The summary must also include one (1)case which may hurt the type of case you choose to represent in your final project. NOTE – aminimum of tree (3) cases will be cited in your memorandum. Case Summary must also include atleast two (2) statutory references. Case summaries will be prepared as a memorandum to asupervising attorney (not the instructor.) Formattingmustinclude the following elements:Font: Arial or Times New Roman 12Line Spacing: 1.5Margins: 1 inch all sidesMemo Header: Same Font as Body in Bold TypeProperly Formatted Case CitationsProperly Formatted Statutory CitationsNumbering: All pages except first page of memorandumTrial GraphicsPrepare and submit two (2) trial graphics which support the case you developed through thefact chronology and histogram.The first graphic will be created using MS PowerPoint (eight [8] slides minimum).The second graphic will be created using your choice of the CaseMap Histogram feature;TimeMap; MS Excel Chart; Studentsmaychoose to develop graphics in a program of choice.Trial graphics will be printed for your portfolioandsubmitted via the P:/ shared folder.Email MemoPrepare a three (3) paragraph memo status report for the case you are using as your final project.Memo must contain one statutory reference and one case reference (Yes - you may reference a caseused in your case summary.) Email must be prepared as a memo to yourclient, with a clear subjectline. Formattingmustinclude the following elements:Clear Subject line as follows:PLS 260 Fall 2016 – Final Project1|P a g e
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