Discrimination at Workplaces of Starbucks Assignment

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Portfolio 1Media Story: Discrimination at workplaces of StarbucksIn March 2020, a media report was published by New York Times, stated that there are variouscases of gender discrimination towards transgender working at different stores of Starbucks. Aunion which represents the airport Starbucks location staff, reported that transgender, black andimmigrant baristas have been facing discrimination from long time(Cramer, 2020).In the mediareport, stories of different transgender employees are described as one transgender staff reportedthat she is abused because of her name changed into the male gender. At the same time, unionreported that data of employees stated that 70% of total staff working for airport cafes ofStarbucks are women and 64% of them are black.These baristas are paid less$1.85 than thosewhite employees which working in airport Starbucks store($27per hr).The discrimination goeson for the immigrants as well as 96% of the respondents said that they were not allowed to speakany other language than English at their workplace.Literature on DiscriminationThe discrimination at workplace for transgender employees is not new as the past studies havealso reported the negative or humiliating behaviour of managers of co-workersError: Referencesource not found. The reason for such attitude stated are perceiving them as undermining a'natural' social and biological system of organization(Rad et al. 2019).In the report byCramer, (2020), many transgender employees stated that their names werealways wrong pronounced to make gender confusion and humiliate them at work. One of thestore manager referred the transgender name as 'dead names' means the names were given at timeof birth which are of not usingin long run. Further, the discrimination against race is not new inUSA as one of eight black employees is humiliated and discriminated for his colour and race.(Jameel & Yerardi, 2018).Required HRM PracticesAlthough, Starbucks is working towards gender equality and eliminating discrimination fromtheir workplace as they shutdown all 8000 stores in 2018 to provide anti-bias training to theiremployees(Cramer, 2020).The stores were closed in result of calling policy by staff of a store in2
Philadelphia as the twocoloredmenlooking forthe bathroom in store. HRM plays vital role ineliminating the element of discrimination from the workplace and there are various strategieswhich are effective in such context. Training and development is one of the key strategies whichStarbucks has already adapted but there is need to take legal actions against the employees ormanagers who led the discrimination at work(Everly & Schwarz, 2015).Moreover, there is needto develop a section for LGBT community discrimination alongside the Fair Treatment Policy ofStarbucks which states the equal states of transgender and other members of LGBT communityat workplace. For this purpose, implication of national policies to take actions against suchdiscriminationis required to be taken(Bellet al. 2001)3
References ListBell, M., Özbilgin, M., Beauregard, T., & Sürgevil, O. (2011). Voice, silence, and diversity in 21stcentury organizations: Strategies for inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees.Human resource management , 50 (1), 131-146.Bobbitt-Zeher, D. (2011). Gender discrimination at work: Connecting gender stereotypes, institutionalpolicies, and gender composition of workplace. Gender & Society , 25 (6), 764-786.Cramer, M. (2020, Mar 1). Baristas at Starbucks Accuse Service Company of Abuse and Pay Gaps.Retrieved Aug 26, 2020, from New York Times:https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/01/business/starbucks-discrimination-race.htmlEverly, B., & Schwarz, J. (2015). Predictors of the adoption of LGBTfriendly HR policies. HumanJameel, M., & Yerardi, J. (2018, Feb 28). Workplace discrimination is illegal. But our data shows its stilla huge problem. Retrieved Aug 26, 2020, from Vox:https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/2/28/18241973/workplace-discrimination-cpi-investigation-eeocResource Management , 54 (2), 367-384.Rad, M., Shackleford, C., Lee, K., Jassin, K., & Ginges, J. (2019). Folk theories of gender and anti-transgender attitudes: Gender differences and policy preferences. Plos one , 14 (12), e0226967.4
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