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Positive and Negative Impact of Globalisation

Added on - 22 Oct 2020

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Project Management
INTRODUCTIONOrganisation exist in most competitive market where environment become more complexthat directly affected by globalisation. International market is greatest approach to enhancebusiness into global level. The business gets into the new market and enhance the businessoperation and development growth market opportunities as well. Globalisation is the best way toimprove higher demand from markets and faster turnaround times. It will help to improve theway of producing a better goals and objectives in order to improve the company quality andmarket positioning as well.During the past few years scientific perfections in transportation new advancedtechnology and process of communication had been given huge impact on the businessdevelopment goals. Apart from that, it made big contributions to the growth of globalisation.Present description will be going to be based on globalisation & their positive and negativeimpact on the retail sector. For that, report will be taking John Lewis & Partners which is a chainof high end department stores operated in UK. Overall study explained about the importance ofglobalisation and discussed the significant effects on the overall development process.LO 1P1 Devise aims and objectivesBackgroundCompany expand its business operations into another company for enhancing theirbusiness functions and growth expansion. In other terms globalisation is also emphasized that, itis the term which integration of cultural, regional and economies with the help of communicationby different transportation mode. Globalisation presented in different kinds of such asliberalisation, internationalization, universalization & westernisation etc. The aims to get into theeach other functions to earn innovative more development and leading result opportunities(Bratton and Gold, 2017). Besides, it also includes some issues regarding business ethics.Globalisation is the best tool to enhance the development of company operations and probabilitymarket into the higher level.Aims : “To identify the positive economic, cultural, and ethical impacts of globalisation ondifferent business functions”- A study based on John Lewis & Partners.Objectives1
To categorise the positive influence of globalisation on different factors.To determine the position of International market for better performance of businessfunctions.To analyse the ethical issues in different Globalization practical areas that companyfaced.Research QuestionsQ. What are the optimistic impact of globalisation on different factors?Q. What are the standing of economic process for better performance of business functions?Q. What are the ethical issues in different global areas that company faced?P2 Produce a project management planCommunication:The basic function behind communication process is to ensure thatevery member of project should aware about the all activities and functions needs to beperformed to get target accomplished (Cavusgil and, 2014).Project scope:Project scope is the developing result outcomes on which result has beenbased. Scope is very much necessary and essential to understand the importance which expressthe purpose. Present research scope is to express the positive and negative impact ofGlobalisation on Cited company functions.Quality:Excellence application is mandatory in the project to ensure that everything isgoing good and according to set method. This element ensures project stability and possibilitiesof good outcomes.Resources:Resources required to full fill the aim and objectives such as to collect data,human resource is required. To manage data and statistics technology is required etc (Taylor,Bogdan and DeVault, 2015).Costs:Prices has involved in each activity through task get accomplished and fulfilled.Such as to conduct this present study researcher spend £450.Risk:Risk is the uncertain factor which generally involved in each and every activity inthe project. Such as researcher could face many issues to collect data, researcher could fail inorder to accomplished goals due to some limitations etc.Time :This is the most vital factor in project which showing when project will be startedand when it will be closed. This project will be complete in 202 days.Project management plan2
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