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Poverty in a country is occurring due to their unproductive

Added on -2019-09-22

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Poverty in a country is occurring due to their unproductive human resources. They areunproductive because they don't get a good education, leadership, training, infrastructure ormany other things (Satterthwaite, 2013). The absence of all these things influences their skills ina deep manner. What comes as a startling fact after a series of various economic researchers isthat sometimes the reason for these is the endowment and richness of the nation such as fertileland mass, and mineral wealth.All these natural endowments made the local citizens very unproductive and lazy. Furthermore,the successful countries simply extracted the required commodities from these countries withoutmaking any adjustment in the value of the commodities (Lloyd-Jones, 2014). As a country leftitself on the level of lower productivity, the government of the country develop lower livingstandards, low-income distribution, and no any incentive to improve the productivity level.Thus, all this become a serious problem, and poverty spreads every part of the country. Theproductivity of the nation is considered the important aspect for the success of every country. Itis the responsibility of the government of the country to perform some necessary efforts toenhance the productivity of the human resources. This will ultimately enhance the GDP of thecountry, and they become rich (Christiaensen, 2014).

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