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PPMP20008 Project and Processes

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Notes to the Author[This document is a template. It has been tailored to suit the assessment. All fields within the templateshould be completed as per the project scenario provided.Blue italicized text provides an explanation of what should be included for each section. Remove allblue text prior to submission. If there are two or more options for you to decide between, revertthe option you are keeping to black and remove the other.
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1. INTRODUCTION Lessons learned is considered a process by which project supports or learning. The process take into consideration about how issues and setbacks were encountered and how they were overcome (Turner, 2014). Many lessons can be learned through PPMP20008 project and processes over time. I have complete my projects and then I identified that there were certain things that went well and some did not. Collecting lessons learned is considered as an ongoing effort throughout the project. Moreover, itis crucial that collecting the original lessons learned information should be gathered by making use of constant processes and forms. This study will cover reflection of participation in projects, lessons learnt from mistakes and courses of actions that can help for future improvements. From the things which did not went good, improvements can be made and we should learn from our failures. In this report I will demonstrate regarding how I planned to gather lessons learnt, people I involved, and how documentation was done. Apart from this I will show my learning based on situation occurred. Lastly, I will present improvement strategies will be implemented by me. 2A. LESSONS LEARNT: FRAMEWORK 2.1 How I planned to gather and document lessons learnt Complete the table below. When I planned to identify and collect lessons learntWho I planned to involve in the process of gathering lessonsHow I planned to document lessonsI have planned to identify & gather lessons learnt after completion of my PPMP20008project. However, it is not essential to wait until the project ends as they can be identified at any time during the project. But I preferred to identify and collect it because I have defined lessons learned process only after the project was completed. Moreover, I have planned the two activities for identifying lessons:Prepare lesson learnedsession.And, then conduct it.I planned to involve project managers, leaders, team members in collecting lessons, for evaluating there reports and make decisions onhow to make use of gained knowledge. After it has been planned to identify & involvement of people in lessons learnt, I haveplanned to report the project tostakeholders.
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2B. LESSONS LEARNT: FRAMEWORK (CON’T)2.2 What actually happened? When I compare how I had planned to gather and document lessons learnt versus what actually happened? Complete the table below. When I identified and collected lessons learntWho I involved in the process of gathering lessonsHow I documented lessonsOn comparing how I planned to gather I learned that it will be much better to collect lessons on daily basis during my project. I identified lessons leaned reviewed thembefore beginning of a new project. I know if I had waiteduntil the end of the project I would have missed some important lessons.Collection of lessons can be done from as many sources asI am willing to seek. As most of the project managers know that how much it is essential to gather lessons learned because it is good for their team. I have finally involved projectmanagers, leaders, team members as planned in collecting lessons, for evaluating there reports and make decisions on how to make use of gained knowledge. It has been determined that, involving members and project mangersduring lessons learned process, reduces the repetitionof similar mistakes (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). Further, I decided that session should beorganised at different time period based on the complications of the project. After identification and involvement of people is done in the process of lessons learned, documents were being prepared and then I havereported it to the project stakeholders. The detailed lessons learned documents involved the information gathered during session and any extra input from members who were unable to attend. The reports were then distributed to all participants and I have provided them timeto response to the quality of report. In the report – there was a summary of leadership, an overview of the lessons learned, summary of strengths and weaknesses of projects, what went wrong and recommendations. The next step performed by uswas to analyse & organise the lessons for application of results. 3.1 LESSON 1NOTE: This is about reflection and reflective practice – not about the topics you have learnt. To receive full marks you need to have demonstrated ‘deep reflection about the learning process. 1. Situation – (Describe a situation that happened within PPMP20008)2. The situation made me feel... (Describe your feelings when the situation occurred - were you frustrated, angry, confused, happy, relieved etc. What impact did this have for you or others?)
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