PPMP20008 Project and Processes

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Notes to the Author[This document is a template. It has been tailored to suit the assessment. All fields within the templateshould be completed as per the project scenario provided.Blue italicized text provides an explanation of what should be included for each section.Remove allblue text prior to submission.If there are two or more options for you to decide between, revertthe option you are keeping to black and remove the other.
1. INTRODUCTIONLessons learned is considered a process by which project supports or learning. The process take intoconsideration about how issues and setbacks were encountered and how they were overcome (Turner,2014). Many lessons can be learned through PPMP20008 project and processes over time. I havecomplete my projects and then I identified that there were certain things that went well and some didnot. Collecting lessons learned is considered as an ongoing effort throughout the project. Moreover, itis crucial that collecting the original lessons learned information should be gathered by making useof constant processes and forms.This study will cover reflection of participation in projects, lessons learnt from mistakes and coursesof actions that can help for future improvements. From the things which did not went good,improvements can be made and we should learn from our failures. In this report I will demonstrateregarding how I planned to gather lessons learnt, people I involved, and how documentation wasdone. Apart from this I will show my learning based on situation occurred. Lastly, I will presentimprovement strategies will be implemented by me.2A. LESSONS LEARNT: FRAMEWORK2.1 How I planned to gather and document lessons learntComplete the table below.When I planned to identifyand collect lessons learntWho I planned to involve inthe process of gatheringlessonsHow I planned to documentlessonsI have planned to identify &gather lessons learnt aftercompletion of myPPMP20008project.However, it is not essential towait until the project ends asthey can be identified at anytime during the project.But Ipreferred to identify andcollect it because I havedefined lessons learnedprocess only after the projectwas completed. Moreover, Ihave planned the twoactivities for identifyinglessons:Prepare lesson learnedsession.And, then conduct it.I planned to involve projectmanagers, leaders, teammembers in collectinglessons, for evaluating therereports and make decisions onhow to make use of gainedknowledge.After it has been planned toidentify & involvement ofpeople in lessons learnt, I haveplanned to report the project tostakeholders.
2B. LESSONS LEARNT: FRAMEWORK (CON’T)2.2 What actually happened?When I compare how I had planned to gather and document lessons learnt versus whatactually happened? Complete the table below.When I identified andcollected lessons learntWho I involved in theprocess of gatheringlessonsHow I documented lessonsOn comparing how I plannedto gather I learned that it willbe much better to collectlessons on daily basis duringmy project. I identifiedlessons leaned reviewed thembefore beginning of a newproject. I know if I had waiteduntil the end of the project Iwould have missed someimportant lessons.Collection of lessons can bedone from as many sources asI am willing to seek. As mostof the project managers knowthat how much it is essentialto gather lessons learnedbecause it is good for theirteam.I have finally involved projectmanagers, leaders, teammembers as planned incollecting lessons, forevaluating there reports andmake decisions on how tomake use of gainedknowledge. It has beendetermined that, involvingmembers and project mangersduring lessons learnedprocess, reduces the repetitionof similar mistakes(Kerzner& Kerzner, 2017). Further, Idecided that session should beorganised at different timeperiod based on thecomplications of the project.After identification andinvolvement of people is donein the process of lessonslearned, documents werebeing prepared and then I havereported it to the projectstakeholders. The detailedlessons learned documentsinvolved the informationgathered during session andany extra input from memberswho were unable to attend.The reports were thendistributed to all participantsand I have provided them timeto response to the quality ofreport.In the report – there was asummary of leadership, anoverview of the lessonslearned, summary of strengthsand weaknesses of projects,what went wrong andrecommendations.The next step performed by uswas to analyse & organise thelessons for application ofresults.3.1 LESSON 1NOTE: This is about reflection and reflective practice – not about the topics you havelearnt. To receive full marks you need to have demonstrated ‘deep reflection about thelearning process.1. Situation– (Describe a situation that happened within PPMP20008)2. The situation made me feel...(Describe your feelings when the situation occurred -were you frustrated, angry, confused, happy, relieved etc. What impact did this have foryou or others?)
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