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EVM PROJECT STATUS REPORTKERB CONSTRUCTION PROJECTPPMP20010 Project Status Report for EVM Assignment1PROJECT INFORMATIONProject Name: Kerb Construction WorksDate: 31st August 2017Project Ownership: Project Controls DepartmentPrepared by: Name of student, project Controls ManagerDistribution List:Head Construction, TMRProject Manager, TMRSponsor, Contracting CompanyLocal Government, Queensland2GANTT CHART(Gantt, 2017)MayJunJulyAugSepOctNovDecJan1Construction1.1 Site Preparatory work1.1.1 Install all safety items1.1.2 Do proper cleanin & barricadation1.2 Costruction work1.2.1 Remove existing item1.2.2 Excavate earth1.2.3 Fill new earth1.2.4 Do compaction1.2.5 Concrete the kebrs1.2.6 Build drainage system2Post Construction2.1 Take out all barricadation2.2 Clean the site2.3 Remove all safety itemsWBS#Task & Sub TaskMonth3VARIANCE ANALYSIS (COSTINTHOUSANDS)(Ganguly, 2016)WBS#Task & Sub TaskMilestoneStatusPVEVACVariance %ScheduleCost1ConstructionCompleted31773.5841.1Site Preparatory workCompleted333100%100%1.1.1Install all safety itemsCompleted222100%100%ENTERYOURNAMEWITHSTUDENT IDPAGE1
EVM PROJECT STATUS REPORTKERB CONSTRUCTION PROJECT1.1.2Do proper cleaning & barricadingCompleted111100%100%1.2Construction workIn Progress31470.5811.2.1Remove existing itemCompleted222225100%88%1.2.2Excavate earthIn Progress36273375%82%1.2.3Fill new earthIn Progress4321.52350%93%1.2.4Do compactionNot Started60000%0%1.2.5Concrete the KerbNot Started120000%0%1.2.6Build drainage systemNot Started33000%0%2Post ConstructionNot Started5002.1Take out all barricadingNot Started2000%0%2.2Clean the siteNot Started1000%0%2.3Remove all safety itemsNot Started2000%0%Task Totals32273.58493%88%4ESTIMATEAT COMPLETION (EAC)EAC = $ 322,000 / 88% = $ 368,0005COST SUMMARY(Atlassian, 2017)Currently the project budget is ($ 368,000 - $ 322,000) $ 44,000 over the baselinebudgetWBS 1: ConstructionWBS 1.1: Site Preparatory WorkBoth the activities of this WBS have completed perfectly without any extra time or budgetoverrun and completed within the budgeted time and costWBS 1.2: Construction WorkWhile executing the activity ‘Remove existing item’, due to some surprises extra $ 3000were spent more than the planned of $ 22,000 to meet the schedule.Then in next activity ‘Excavate earth’, just in between the activity due to heavy rainfall theschedule and cost both got overrun. There we need to spend $ 6,000 extra till dated.Similarly in activity ‘Fill new earth’, the compaction took more time and cost to achievedesired % of compaction and need to spend $ 1,500 additional till dateWBS 2: Post ConstructionNone of the activities yet startedVariance: Till date there has been a variance of 0.60 months in schedule, the original was 8months, whereas with current rate of progress the job can be completed in 8.60 months.In case of cost, there has been $ 10,500 variance till date, for which some part could beabsorbed from the reserves kept to counter such unforseen issues.Risk:ENTERYOURNAMEWITHSTUDENT IDPAGE2

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