Project on Homelessness in Australia and Its Impact

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PPMP20018 Project ProposalProject Name:Proposal 1Project Description2Opportunity/ProblemTo explore the reason behind homelessness in Australia and its impact”.There are 105,237 homelessness people in Australia as per census night in 2011 (Homelessness is aHuman Rights Issue, 2008). This study is focused on providing home to homeless people byconstructing affordable units with the help of renewable resources (Veld, 2016).3Proposed ScopeThe scope of project is not limited as it aims at providing affordable home units tohomelessness in Australia. It will also focus on understanding reason behind homelessness ofpeople which can be domestic and physical violence, housing crisis, financial crisis, health issuesetc. After identifying the reason behind homelessness, homes will be provided to people withappropriate water and sanitation facilities. 4Strategic AlignmentThe proposal will help in analyzing issues which can arise at the time of determining reasoningbehind homelessness in Australia, collecting data and also at time to implementing technicaland construction skills. Moreover, problem can be evaluating optimum use of reusableresources. Apart from this, the problem which can hinder construction is the support formsociety and funding authorities.5Alternative 6AlternativeTo address similar problem researcher can focus on creating awareness about Homelessnessand conditions of people who do not have home to live. Alternative to this can be providingCQUni Project Management FrameworkPage 1 of 7
housing facilities to homeless society as the individual struggles with social exclusion(ZUFFEREY and HORSELL, 2017). It will comprise risk and massive investment.7Stakeholders8Key stakeholders and impactAustralian Homeless peopleGovernment, which will assist in seeking space and approval for constructionFunding housing authorities, public investorsGrants and technical support from university9Initial Project Approach10Proposed Key Activities and scheduleActivity1thWeek2ndWeek3rdWeek4thWeek5thWeek6thWeek7thWeek8thWeek9thWeek10thWeek11thweek12thweekAnalysingtopic ofresearchAccountingtrust andcharitySeekingpermissionfor raisingfundsAnalysingCQUni Project Management FrameworkPage 2 of 7
stakeholders, fundingauthoritiesandinvestorsConductingactivitiesfor raisingfundsDetermining quotationsTakingassistancefromhousingauthoritiesand localcouncil forempty andparkingland forconstruction.Drawingproposal forshelters andseekingapprovalfrom localauthoritiesSecuringyards andsourcingCQUni Project Management FrameworkPage 3 of 7

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