Practical Scientific Procedure and Techniques Experience

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Practical Scientific Procedure and TechniquesExperience is one of the key aspects which is needed during any activity and duty beingdone. As a technical assistant onChemcalequip,I was able to gain a lot of experience from theprocedures and techniques being done. Development in terms of career is a key milestone whichI was able to gain when I was performing my duties. The processes and science were importantpart of the activities I was involved in. the practical activity involved own experiments andlaboratory experiments which formed the key lessons and led to acquisition of key skills andabilities to further my career.Titration is one of the important experiments which I was involved in during my time atChemcalequip.The major experience is gained from this process is the way to determine themolar concentration for strong acid solutions through the titration process. The titration processrequired completion of different experiments until the correct results are achieved. The analysisof the equipments error was am key process to analyze the result attained at each stage (Kroflič,Šarac & Bešter-Rogač 2012). Timing was a key skill which I gained during the titration process.Through this skill, I knew when to stop dripping the titrating liquid. Another key skill which Igained through this experiment was the level of accuracy needed. This process requires highaccuracy level and that is the main reason for repeating the experiment several times. In order tolearn about the concentration levels of the base and acid used, correct volumes must be involved.Therefore, I increased by accuracy competence when I was involved in the titration process. Inwhatever action I carry out, the accuracy level will be important since it will help to determinethe success level of the output. The accuracy level will be important in my career duringdifferent experiments. Therefore being involved in this experiment, I was able to gain a lot ofskills which will be important for my career in future.
The amount of heat change for substances is was is involved in calorimetry. Heatgeneration and consumption are important aspects which happen on objects around us (Feig2016). This experiment proved to be one of the key important learning parts and formed a basicpart of y future career. In this experiment, I used a thermometer to measure cooling temperaturesand then plotted cooling curves. The temperatures were changing and therefore I had to keep aneye on the little changes which happened so that I would get the correct result. The results of thedrop were used to draw the cooling curves. I used the result to draw the curve of best fit. This isbecause the external environment would interfere with the objects temperature change andtherefore the drops were not constant. After that, I used the curve to calculate the gradient of thecurves. This formed the key lessons which I was able to learn in this experiment. I gainedconfidence on how to compare the rates of cooling curves between two substances in thisexperiment. I gained a lot of skills while finding the gradient of the curves at different points.This helped me to deduce on areas where the drop was more and where it was less. Analyticalskills were important as seen in the curve below to find the gradients. The experiment will helpme in future to understand the changes in temperatures for substances. High confidence isrequired in future to perform duties. This will help me to believe on my abilities.
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