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Introduction 300 wordsThe assignment discusses a practical social pedagogical scenario graduate experienced by agraduate teacher. the topic selected for the current assignment is Internet in learning and and therole of teacher in supporting the learning within a classroom. With the Evolution of internetdependent Technologies more number of students have been seen to surf online resources for thegathering knowledge rather than taking help from teachers within classrooms. the advent ofTechnology has changed the format and the pattern of education. this has this has gotta createda huge gap within the education system leaving to disparities in the amount of education receivedand absorbed within the student population. internet being a costly resource cannot be awardedby many within the developing countries. Under the situation you can afford the internetresources for the collection and gathering of knowledge where as the rest cannot. therefore thetraditional classroom source of learning and gathering knowledge is still considered importantover digital clasroom programs.they have been different world views regarding the use of internet Technologies for receivingand gathering knowledge by students. as commented by (), many hour of the view that due tointernet receiving wide source of knowledge from various parts of the world have been a matterof a click.However many are of the opinion that the provision of knowledge over the internetservices are very concise and Limited in manner and it cannot replicate the amount of authenticinformation provided within traditional classrooms.During my teaching experience I have faced one similar incidence Where many students havebeen bunking classes on the pre context of receiving the additional information provided inclasses on particular subject from various internet sources. when some of these children whereinterrogated regarding the cause for missing the classes they would simply put up an excuse ofbeen busy attending other courses or simulation workshops. some of the students haveemphasized up on the potential of internet to provide them with much worried and white sourceof knowledge in a much real time. when inquired fathers some would put up a theory of ,‘Smarty study versus hard work”.I have decided to highlight to my students the fact that much of the information provided overthe internet sources are not well researched and and arbitrarily put together. As Mentioned by(),much of the data put over the internet sources are simply summation of different assumptions
and contradictions. however in order to provide an effective and well summarised knowledge thethe expertise of a skilled teacher is pivotal.secondly I would also highlight the importance of teacher student bonding in front of the classroom. The teacher student bonding helps an individual in developing a healthy socialbehaviour.Rationale 600 wordsThe Rationale for studying the particular topic is the increase dependence of students overinternet resources for the gathering of knowledge which is challenging the existence and thecontribution of the traditional classrooms within the education sector for so long. The technologydependence has also reduced the stringency among students regarding the aspect of acquiringknowledge following certain educational rules and guidelines. Availability of internet aroundthe clock has made student sections more lenient regarding their studies and meeting deadlinesgood in studies. array of knowledge available on range of topics over the internet sources andchannels makes it easier for the students to prepare assignments and as a part of The Coursework. Most of the time is the information provided over the internet is copy and paste from othersites relevant references. hence the students cannot be sure that much of the information takenfrom the internet in making the assignments are correct or not. additional the knowledge overtopics and subjects are presented in a much concise and Limited manner. on the other hand,conducting a detailed study with the help of textbooks and through the help of notes provided bythe teachers within classroom sessions can help the students in developing sufficient practicalknowledge regarding the materials.As mentioned by (), Much of the knowledge presented over the internet sources are written bypeople who don't know professional expertise over individual subject areas. therefore under anysituation internet cannot be assumed as an authentic and correct source of knowledge. Asmentioned by (), the use of same websites and pages for doing can often be treated as anacademic misconduct. additional eat the same amount of and similar information available overdifferent internet sites do not allow for much critical thinking and analysis to be done by thestudents which is crucial for the developing of sufficient problem solving skills and expertiseover a subject matter.
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