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ABSTRACTThe term architect is generally derived from the word arkhi which original meaning is “chief” or ‘builder’. Due to rise of free market economics and poor demand of deskilled labour in construction business weaken the architecture professional. It make them very vulnerable and cause liability problems in the supply side of the business. As we see that prefabrication technology is nowadays known as sustainable construction technique in terms of its effect on environment. Prefabrication also involves in the process of handling of waste materials, checkingits disposal and recycle to reduce the waste of construction. It offers different benefits to the construction company and also gives few limitations which impact the profitability of the construction projects. This is the main objective that the research wants to find out. Urban development at high rate causes pollution all over the world. Change in climatic conditions , unpredictable economy and policy of the governments are the main challenges in construction business. Also lack of verified development and research work in construction business is a major problem. Here we are going to discuss all the problem related to construction business andthen provide best solution using modern technique and methods.Keywords : Professionalism, construction , architect, theory, design Introduction

In current period the industry of construction is a multinational and disciplinery industry which play a major role in the economy of any country. It gives a big contribution in the prosperity to the economy by providing best infrastructure in a very cost effective method. Nowadays there isa new methods are used to finish the building planning, and construction in a given deadline. Due to old project delivery method the objectives of contractors and client satisfaction totally depend upon the delievery method which in future increases the distance between real and expected performance of the project. In every project delivery method there are always a three member in which one is owner, second one is designer and third one is contractor. By using new technology like Building Information Modelling according to the needs of local , new available methods like Integrated Project Delivery provide best projects. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is the new development of project delivery system in the construction industry where mixed innovation mainly used to get the goals of the project . The big weakness of old delivery methods is that they do not provide the required level of productivity according to the needs of project. The failure to complete the job in given time,insufficient budget estimation, lack of adequate construction details and wastage of materials during construction are the main reason behind reduce productivity. According to the need of time there are different project delivery methods were developed in the construction industry to lower the faults of the old methods similarly IPD mainly develop to overcome these problems . In this paper we are going to discuss the option of using BIM under an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method. By using a model of contracting relationship like IPD gives the important construction framework for a large level of mixing between the big participants in a construction project which provides the complete benefits of BIM .Research Significance & ScopeThe waste produces during construction is one of the biggest pollutants present in the environment. We can define waste here as large material produces due to industrial and human activities which have no any worth in future. The effect of construction waste on the environment is increases all over the world. As we see that, Around 18% (80 million tonnes) of the total waste produces in the whole world every year is totally comes from operations of construction and demolition, it makes the construction business the biggest generator of controlled waste in the whole world. The construction business is in urgent requirement of sustainable development. According to fewreports, this type of development is classified by its low-level environmental effects and also high-level socio-economic use fullness. The need of sustainability in the construction business needs an adoption of methods which include a decrease in demand of energy , and also increases the use of resources and materials, effective management of waste and at the same time, its stability of carbon and emissions of GHG. Integrated Project Delivery theoryIPD is a new project delivery method which mainly aimed to make a environment which is cooperative and uses a different-party agreement among the owner,architect and contractor. IPDis a result of pressure between developers and owners to decrease the cost risk during the

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