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Practicum: Role of total quality management

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Added on  2020-02-23

Practicum: Role of total quality management

   Added on 2020-02-23

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Running Head: Practicum: Role of TQMPracticum: Role of TQMName of the StudentName of the University Author Note
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1PRACTICUM: ROLE OF TQMIntroduction The discussion is the outcome of the interaction with the nurse leader Mrs. X, online byemail The communication with the nurse leader was based on the roe of the total qualitymanagement (TQM) in the organisation. The paper discuses the views of the nurse leader on theinvolvement of the senior leadership in the quality improvement initiatives as it pertain to theirsuccess failures. The nurse’s viewpoint on elimination of the barriers to improve and on thestakeholder’s involvement is also discussed. Involvement of senior leadership in the TQMThe nurse leader said, “People need to know their senior leaders are interested andsupportive”. According to Mrs X, for successful TQM initiatives senior leadership is the centralpoint. Senior leadership involvement is important for facilitating conformance to internalrequirements and reduces the defects for quality improvement. It requires involvement of strongleadership in identifying the inappropriate care delivery process and refine in a manner that willdecrease the cost and time. According to the nurse leader, it is incredibly difficult andchallenging to take quality initiatives without the senior leadership support. Her views align withthe elements of iSixSigma for successful TQM. One of the elements is the leadership (Parand etal., 2014). According to McFadden et al. (2015), senior leadership is necessary to have motivationalimpact on the workforce that leads to successful initiatives. This further stimulates the other topperformers in the organisation to participate. This process has dual benefits. It will lead to qualityimprovement as well a career development. The same was mentioned by the nurse leader in
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