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Added on - 03 Mar 2020

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Words to be told in pre teach vocabulary:Neglected: Simple past of neglect.Use the word in a simple sentence. Example: he neglected his education.Use the word in complex sentence: That was the first time he had ever neglected to tell her howravishing she was.Happened to: tell the students how to use the sentences in interrogative and explanatorysentence.Example: What else has happened to make you think she is trying to break us up?What happened to Howie was no ordinary dream, just as he said.Cast doubt on: Explain the use of the phrase and the context of its use.Autistic: Explain the term autism and autistic. Make structured sentences and explain thecondition where this medical term is used. Ask if they know any local name for autism.Backyard: Explain the term and the usage of it.Disproved: explain the meaning show the use in different types of sentencesGazelle: Show the picture of the animalHunter: show a picture of a hunter and the different ways the term can be used. How the word isused for people searching for things.Inconsistent: Give the example of the use of the word and explain its meaning.
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