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Survey DesignSurvey design is an efficient way of collecting data where a list of questions that help indetermining answer to the research question. The survey is a closed-ended questionnaire patternwhich may be self-administered or group-administered. Survey is a simple way to measure theattitude and responses for exploring the research question (Taylor, Bogdan, and DeVault 2015).Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Survey MethodThe main advantage of using the survey method is that they are easy to administer incomparison with other methods of collecting data. It can be prepared in less time when comparedto other data collection methods. The survey design method can reduce geographicaldependence. There is flexibility in data analysis about the given subject. Not only the surveydesign measures attitude, but it also gathers data for values, opinions and factual information.The survey design method is beneficial as the data can be analyzed using advanced statisticaltechniques. The cost of collecting data using survey design is low while it provides preciseresults (Taylor, Bogdan, and DeVault 2015).However, the survey design method also proves disadvantageous as there may be lowervalidity rate for some questions. As the questions are closed ended, there is no scope forproviding reasons or justification. The participants of the study may not be encouraged toprovide accurate and honest answers. There is a possibility of inappropriateness of questionswhile exploring the research question (Smith 2015).
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