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Presentation is the art of communicating something to the audience about a specific topic.Each presentation is known as communication. There are three types of presentation used in theworkplace. The three types are:1.General Communication,2.Business Presentations, and3.Public communication.Presentation skills in the workplace mean how we present our services and product to ourcustomers offline and online using the videos, website, the shop counter, and social media(Sodano, 2011). If an employee practice presentation skills more and more, he/she becomeconfident about the next move, and it helps to remove the anxiety of speaking to anyone. Also,an effective presentation is an essential part of communication. Using a persuasive presentation,employees can share their ideas, plan, projects, strategies, etc., with their superior. To stay onestep ahead in the workplace, presentation skill topics need to be made compulsory in our studiesand professional life(R. A, 2009).The below information is directly related to the presentation skills-1.The key information of presentation skills consists of the structure of the presentation.The design of the presentation depends on five factors.2.To influence, motivate and persuade people- All about presenting techniques.3.To make time-critical factors easier- It helps a presenter to learn about managing timevalue.
4.To interact with the target group more productively- It will help a presenter read others'minds.5.To show things more confidently and thoughtfully- It helps a presenter to emphasize in aparticular area.6.Make a visual slide properly- It focuses on obeying some rules while making the slide ofa presentation.Besides that information, there also some relateable story exists for presentation skills. Topicselection and using posture, gesture, para-tone is also a technique to attract the audience.Giving an efficient presentation package implies the differentiator, which provides theemployee's competing edge in the workplace. High impression presentations are always wellrecognized. This memorandum tries to diminish the nerves and stress encircling during apresentation. The purpose is to give participants a structured methodology to develop andprovide an efficient, high impression presentation that pushes the use and objectives of results.Proper guidelines for making presentations and rehearsal sessions will signify given feedback toco-participants also the Program Trainer(Lingard, 2001). Ice-breaking is one of the bestpractices of the use of presentation skills. It's essential to capture the audience's attention whiledelivering crucial information. It can be practiced by doing small breathing exercises or telling ashort story relevant to the topic.I have seen the importance of presentation skills from my experience as well assecondary research. I was called in to speak to the Director of Human Resources managementregarding the engineer's capacity to deliver their monthly reports effectively(Sendall, 2012). ThePresident rushed in from the USA each period for a conference where all these division heads
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