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Added on - 05 Oct 2021

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Running head: PRIMARY SOURCES 1
Primary Sources
Institutional Affiliation
Primary Sources
Primary sources bear the original, first hand information which was recorded as it was
been directly observed and collected. Primary sources are considered to be more correct than
secondary sources which are subject to inaccurate translations (Tignor et al., 2017). The
primary source which is of interest hereby is the recordings of Ibn Buttuta. Ibn Buttuta’s full
name was Abu Abdullah Ibn Buttuta. He was born in 1304 in the present day Morocco which
was known as Tangiers then. He was a Muslim faithful who made a religious pilgrimage to
Mecca and Medina and thereafter travelled to other areas which were considered as Islamic
learning centers and other new areas for adventure and religious observations before
returning to his home land. The commencement of his religious pilgrimage was around 1325
and he concluded his travels in 1354. His adventures were recorded by a young scholar who
had been appointed by the ruler of Morocco, from where we get to learn of his observations
of the Islamic world as he sojourned.
Ibn Buttuta encountered hospitable people who would host him and give him basic
provisions. Generally his acclaimed title of al-hajj and a scholar worked in his favor. He
received recognition and honor from those who learned of them, for such people were
considered as religious achievers and important (Tignor et al., 2017). One such hospital
person was the governor of the Qusantinah (Constantine) city who gave him a new head
cloth, gold dinars as alms for his journey and ordered for his clothes to be washed. Another
one was Burhan ad-Din, who was a learned man of Alexandria, who had hosted him for three
days. Shaykh al- Murshidi of Fawwa township, famed for his hospitality also proved to be to
true to Ibn Buttuta when he paid a visit to him and gave him a generous serving of a meal as
well as a place to sleep.
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