Principle of Health and Social Care Essay

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INTROUCTIONHealth and social care which relates to a services that are hytd(with a life path) from thehealth and social care providers. As some of the health and social care organisation in UnitedKingdom are failed to provide the better services due to poor management. The present reportwill be based on three different scenario. In first case, it ensures that Denis is cared for in theact care home and focus on value of assistance are applicative to his care. Further, it coversSocial process such as isolation and exclusion, marginalization and its effect on user of HSCservices. In the next case, procedure for protecting customer patient and colleagues from harm iscovered. Further, Case of Mr Helen will discuss about the health safety and security in the HSC.Lastly it also includes carrying out of plan of action, civil law, standard and codes of practices insignificant in the Health and social care.Task 1- Case StudyAC1.1 Principle of health and social care in support to Denis care in residential care home.The principle of health and social care which can be the most important aspect in the caseof Denis who required the health care. The issuers with his is not able to walk and diabetes,infection, hear and renal condition has left him every week. The proper rules and regulationshould be followed in terms of Denis care in effective manner. The various principle fordeveloping values that are accepted in the society. Share experiences:This can be the most important support principle for the health andsocial care which is have to be considered for the residential care home for the Denis.The home care need to share its experience with the patient development.Independence Dignity: Treat equally in all the disease of the patient, visitors and otherpeople who are associated with the health and social care(Shi and Singh, 2014). Itimportant for the people to treat equally which will help build the confidence to face thatissues.Relationship between home care and patient must be give and take in which support of tothe Denis will be get better care if he will communicate. As in the case Denis is nothaving money and his pension were not in the control social worker support him.The above principle will supported to the Denis in his supported during the care. So it isimportant for the health and social care people required to follow this principle which will giveeffective outcomes.1
AC1.2 Benefits of using a person centred approach Denis.Denis is not able to control his mind and the change in the behaviour will brings himmore frustration and high tendency of self harming. For that he required the person centredapproach. The benefits of using person centred approach in the Denis case can be discuss asfollows:Essential facilities: Denis was not in the better situation due to issues of disable to walk whichutilize the approach wheel chair, stretcher facilities is given by the home care management toget him and move from other place in the care home.Communication: The old age separated from the society which required the effectivecommunication with him to boost his moral and motivate to feel better.This will help to Denis and his carer to have control over their own lives by allowingthem to make choices about the treatment with the help of care services.Assist to the employees in terms of value and seek to know about the Denis for theirexperiences and help him to retain from the various issues(Reuben and Tinetti, 2012).The outcomes will be appropriate to make the staff more happy in the health and socialcare.Increase the firm reputation which is the important for the Denis to trust on the staff andmanagement for his treatment.It will provide the direct care to the patient with the proper understanding of the theirproblems by connecting with them.Supporting the preferences as per the needs of the patient.EThis benefits of the person centred approach will help Denis to recover from their issues byproper support by the home care will coordinate him in a effective manner.AC3.2 Social processes impact on users of health and social care services.The various process of the social which will impact on the Denis in terms of health socialcare services. It define as the pattern of social interaction which turns to be changes the effect onthe society over a fix time period. These social process will be discus in detail as follows:Isolation: These can be the impact on the Denis has face after using the health and socialcare services which he required a nurse for his work because he feel isolated and aloneafter passing his wife. It is important for the user to have better family type support at the2

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