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1Running head: NURSINGNursingName of student:Name of university:Author note:
2NURSINGMental Health Care: Call for Principles of Catholic Social TeachingIndividuals with mental disorders have been found across the globe to be deprived oftheir fundamental rights. Healthcare professionals, including nurses, have often have deviatedthemselves from the duty of treating this section of the patient population as valuedindividuals. As a matter of fact, individuals with mental disorders are marginalised in thecommunities they belong to. Further, they are also subjected to violations of human rights byprofessionals when they present to the treatment facilities with varying health complications.As nurses, we have the duty and responsibility to address the concerns of this section of thepopulation by maintaining by maintaining principles of Common Good and Human Dignity.Humans have established a vision of human flourishing integrated into the principles ofcommon good.Highlighting the importance of maintaining principles of common good and humandignity for human beings, it is to be highlighted that nurses must acknowledge the concept ofdignity being linked with social justice. As a nurse, the approach that is to be taken is toprovide all measures of justice to a patient suffering mental health conditions. Professionalsare to place mental health patients in a position where social justice is equated with theconcepts of equal opportunities and privileges given in the care settings. Treatment given tothese patients must be similar to that given to other patient populations. Though equality is anelement embedded in the concept of social justice, the actual implication for social justice ismuch wider. While a group of proponents perceive justice as same as fairness, nurse mustmove forward and perceive social justice as upholding the protection of equal access toliberties, rights, and opportunities while delivery care to mental health patients. Since thesepatients are least advantaged members of the community, their dignity is to be maintained byrestricting social exclusion (Massaro, 2015).
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