Employment Law Principles

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Running head: EMPLOYMENT LAWS1Employment LawsName:Institution:Date:
EMPLOYMENT LAWS2IntroductionThere are many types of jobs in the United states of America, the federal principle statute thatguides the wages paid against the hours worked is very critical to many employees andemployers. It stipulates that there should be fairness in work and pay respectively. The focuson Fair Labor Standards Act should ensure that no one is discriminated in levels of paymentand the work that is done(Rootham, 2007). However, many shrewd employers are unfairlytreating their employees by underpaying and refusing to comply with the Fair LaborStandards Act (FLSA). Although there are many jobs that pay in wages and are hourly orweekly most of the jobs are formal and requires salaried workers. However, the FLSA wasput into legislation for the employees who work on wages and are protected from exploitationand discrimination by the employees especially in regards with the pay(FLSA essentials, n.d.)Mining operator job and FSLAI work as a crew operator in a mining company. The company deals with exploration, miningand selling of natural gas and minerals and has been operating for quite some time now. Asan operator in this company, we work in shifts but a consecutive workday of seven days. Theplant operators are required by the company’s policies to work from Mondays all the way tothe other Monday. However, the company changed the rules of engagement and decided thatthe operators will work from Sunday to Sunday(Rootham, 2007). The changes in work weekmeans that there are communicated in the company’s memo but the overtime won’t change.Due to this changes, the operators complained about the ability of the company to sustainitself while also paying them their dues. The company policy to change the work schedule iscorrect but will negatively impact many peoples salary and the family constitution. In makingsure that the FLSA laws set up by the federal government are followed, there are givenchanges that are simply unjustifiable and will probably face resistance by the operators. The
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