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Principles of Nursing Practice

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Added on  2020-02-24

Principles of Nursing Practice

   Added on 2020-02-24

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Running head: NURSING PRINCIPLES Moral Decisions and Ethical DilemmasName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
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2NURSING PRINCIPLESIn the eyes of a layman, a nurse is not a person who is only associated with health caresector but a nurse is an image of care and affection (Trobec & Starcic, 2015). A nurse is a personwho strives to uplift the health and cares for the betterment of the society at large. Nursing isregarded as a line of work within the health care sector that concentrates on giving care andnourishment of individuals, families, and communities so that they can achieve, preserve, orprogress to get optimal health and quality of life (Parahoo, 2014).In the case that has been presented, on one hand there is a young fire fighter Mr. Jeffers,who is a brave hero of the society and has been living with a goodwill in the community for along time and on the other hand there is an elderly man, Mr. Damascus, who has been a regularat the hospital with several incidents of headache and different health issues the similarity withthe two cases are that they were both caught up in the same incident and were going through thesame trauma. As a nurse it is the duty to perform similar kind of treatment and give the sameattention to both the people (Holloway & Galvin, 2016). Nursing is based on virtue of goodness and kindness along with noble behavior and astrong heart, as the profession deals with human beings who are in need of strength and courageto deal with the sickness they are suffering form (Holloway & Galvin, 2016). Following ethicalprinciples provide a fundamental base for the profession of nursing. These philosophies that thenurse follows are defined as the foundation for any decision that they take keeping in mind thereflection of consequences and of general moral ideology while taking clinical judgments.According to Toronto’s four elements of caring responsiveness of the caregiver, attentiveness,competence and responsibly are imperative for a nurse to purse the process of care giving. In acase of emergency along with being prompt the nurses are expected to be exceptional caregiver.Care is significant for human development pertaining to the physical needs at first.People whose
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3NURSING PRINCIPLESlives are dependent on the care of a nurse as stated in the code of ethics for nurses, “The respectsthe worth, dignity and rights of all human beings irrespective of the nature of the healthproblem”.The most significant and crucial ethical principle that any nurse follows is respect for anindividual and life at large. Hence, a nurse deal with every situation and every patient in anunbiased way despite the differences in the character of the person a nurse should treat him orher. Like in this case the fire fighter is a hero of the society where as the other person has been apetty thief and a roadside criminal who has a history with the police. But regardless of these starkdifferences in the character of these people the nurse should treat both of these men in the sameway. Rather the old man should be paid more attention because of his already poor healthcondition. His condition has a possibility of aggravating because he is already sick most of thetime. Some of the primary ethical principles that a nurse has to follow are: inducing the leastdamage possible to reach an advantageous outcome of the health of the patient (Cannaerts,Gastmans, & Casterlé, 2014). Before taking any step a nurse has to contemplate on the idea andweight the degree of risk. A nurse is expected to think on the toes in understanding a situationand immediately reacting to help the patient. Fair allocation of resources among the patients isanother important factor that a nurse should keep in mind, as is in the case of the fire fighter andthe old man. Quick examination of the patients is required in the triage area which will give aninsight about the patient who is in more pain and who requires more attention (Cannaerts,Gastmans, & Casterlé, 2014). If the old man is in more serious condition than the fire fighterwhich is highly likely the condition then he should be attained first as his condition may
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