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Running head: PRINCIPLES OF ADVERTISINGPrinciples of AdvertisingName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1PRINCIPLES OF ADVERTISINGExecutive summaryActive Feet is a footwear company in Melbourne and has its stores all over the city. It has beengrowing for providing exclusive footwear fitting service to the customer with its technology. Theobjective of the paper is to frame an advance advertising campaign for Active Feet. This isbecause the company is recently experiencing a downfall in its revenue due to lack of brandrecognition and marketing strategy of the company. The company should take up the mostmodern online marketing campaign to mark its recognition among the customers. Further, it hastaken up a streamline targeting strategy to target its customer and save the company from highcost. The brand will target the young and sport enthusiast customer as they are the one that loveswearing sport shoe and are active in online website. Moreover, through their campaign it willconvey the message to the consumers that the type of shoes they produce is not only for sportperson. Any youngster can use it for various purposes. The company for campaign activity hasdecided online sites because it is one of the most growing marketing tools in today’s world.Moreover, it is the easiest way in which the brand can show videos and acts for presenting itsproduct more nicely to the customer. It also helps to give various other opportunities andadvantages to the company such as better customer relationship, to demonstrate expertise, bettertargeting opportunity, no geographic limitation and it is less costly than the traditional methodsused by the company in the past. The company can easily acquire all these advantages aftertaking online advertising campaign. Customers too have developed a behavior of using onlineplatform for much of its activities. While taking up the online campaign the company can alsodevelop their own online site through which it can sell their products to the customers andhighlight their new arrivals. The most important credential of the campaign is its budget becausewithout a proper finance and backup the company cannot execute their plan properly. Budget
2PRINCIPLES OF ADVERTISINGincludes the money or finance the company needs to invest in order to use the online marketingtool and get benefits from it. Active Feet has decided to invest a total of $2 million money for theonline marketing campaign. Along with online marketing, the company will also take part inevents other than sport events to let people have a different picture for their product. The budgethas thus been designed for both online marketing and event sponsorship activity. Further, somesuccess measure and key performance indicators have been decided for evaluating the marketingplan of Active Feet. The key success measure of Active Feet is financial viability, maximumcustomer satisfaction, maximum brand recognition and maximum social benefit. The keyperformance indicators of the campaign activity taken up by the company are profit, increase inper day sale, customer retention rate and increase in demand.
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