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Running head: PRINCIPLES OF LEADERSHIPPrinciples of LeadershipName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1PRINCIPLES OF LEADERSHIPAbstractThe essay helps in understanding the concept of leadership management that has beenfollowed by Dr. Manmohan Singh while he was the Prime Minister of India. The leadershipstyle has to be analyzed properly that has been followed by him that helped him in coping upwith different demands along with the expectations of the normal individuals.The main aim of the report is to analyze the style of leadership that has been followed by Dr.Manmohan Singh while he was the leader along with Prime Minister of India. The mainpurpose of the essay is to review the biography of Dr. Manmohan Singh along withidentification of the different crucial events that has shaped the approach of leadership of Dr.Manmohan Singh.The conclusion will be based on the style of leadership that has been followed by Dr.Manmohan Singh during his tenure of being the Prime Minister of India. Proper analysis isrequired to be done on the crucial events in order to shape the style of leadership.
2PRINCIPLES OF LEADERSHIPDr. Manmohan Singh was born in the year 1932 in the month of September 26thatGah, West Punjab, India that is now shifted to Pakistan. He was the Indian economist as wellas politician and he became the Prime Minister of India in the year 2004 and continued hiscareer in the post of Prime Minister till 2014. He was the first Sikh along with the first nonIndian to occupy the office of Prime Minister. Dr. Manmohan Singh attended the Universityof Punjab along with University of Cambridge situated in Great Britain. Later, he has earneddegree of doctorate from University of Oxford(Strom, Sears & Kelly, 2014).In the year 1970, he has been named in a series of the advisory posts in the economicsand later he became the frequent consultant to different Prime Ministers. Furthermore, heworked with Reserve Bank of India as the director along with governor as well. Later, whenhe was made the finance minister in the year 1991, there was a verge of economic collapse inthe country. Dr. Manmohan Singh has devalued rupee, lowered the taxes as well as privatizedthe industries that were run by the state. He helped in transforming the economy of the entirecountry and he helped in sparking a boom in the entire economy as well(Sethuraman &Suresh, 2014).He was the member of the Lok Sabha as well as Rajya Sabha in the year 1996 but hewas defeated. Dr. Manmohan Singh presided over the economy that was expanding in naturebut the precipitated rise in the cost of the fuel has marked a huge rise in the inflationary ratethat had threatened the ability of the government in order to provide different subsidies to thepoor people in the country. In respect of meeting the demands of the country, Dr. ManmohanSingh entered into different kinds of negotiations with the president of United States GeorgeW. Bush for corporation pact that was nuclear in nature. This particular deal helped India inreceiving fuel technology for the different nuclear plants along with provided proper abilityto purchase the nuclear plant in the entire market of world.
3PRINCIPLES OF LEADERSHIPIn the proper elections of the parliament in the month of May in the year 2009,Congress has increased the number of seats in legislature; Dr. Manmohan Singh took officeas the prime minister for second time. The slow movement in the growth of the economy inIndia along with further legislations of corruption against the Congress party individuals washampered during the second term of Dr. Manmohan Singh. This has led to the deteriorationin the popularity of the entire party with the entire population of voting. In the year 2014, Dr.Manmohan Singh announced that he would not seek the third term as the Prime Minister inthe Lok Sabha. He left his seat in the month of May 26thand on that particular date, NarendraModi was declared as the Prime Minister of India.In the era of the drastic change, the main focus is on the management function that isrelated to social as well as political entity of the entity of the business. There are differentkinds of leadership styles that have been followed by Dr. Manmohan Singh during his tenureas the Prime Minister of India(Paustian-Underdahl, Walker & Woehr, 2014). The differentkinds of leadership styles that have been followed are as follows:AuthoritarianParticipativeDelegativeThe leadership named as Authoritarian style generally occurs wherein the differentdecisions are taken by the manager and the approach of the leadership that is followed by themanager in the organization or in the politics is the top down approach. The role of thedifferent employees in the organization is nonexistent in nature and there is no execution ofthe commands that are received from the management(Triana, Richard & Yücel 2017). Thiskind of style is followed by different managers in the organization when the simultaneousconditions are met by the different leaders of the organization. The leader is the head of the
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