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Principles of Morality Assignment PDF

Added on - 17 Apr 2021

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Running head: ENTITY AND REFERENTIAL INTEGRITY IN DATABASESEntity and Referential Integrity in DatabasesName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
ENTITY AND REFERENTIAL INTEGRITY IN DATABASES11. IntroductionIntegrity is defined as the quality of possessing strong principles of morality and beinghonest. Integrity is considered as an important aspect of the security of a database. This wouldensure that the right person would be able to view the information of the privileged company(Rao and Selvamani 2015).2. Importance of Entity Integrity and Referential Integrity within a DatabaseEntity integrity and referential integrity could be defined as two forms of the integrity ofthe data, which are primarily important within the relational databases. The relational databaseshave the potential to decompose the data storage into elements, which have to joined together,which is meant to produce meaningful results (Coronel and Morris 2016).Entity Integrity is an important property of a database system. In this process, the primarykeys are unique. The field of the primary key might be null. Hence, each row in the table wouldpossess a uniquely based identity. The values of the foreign key could be helpful in referencingthe values of the primary key. The entity integrity could also be defined as the mechanism, whichis provided by the system in order to maintain the primary keys. The primary key has theresponsibility to uniquely identify the different rows in a table (Tgalheim 2013).The referential based integrity is also an important aspect because of the fact that theforeign key should have a null based entry. This is possible to the point up to when the foreignkey would not be a part of the primary key of the table. Hence, it would be possible for anyattribute to not have a corresponding value. The implementation of the rule of referentialintegrity would make it difficult and impossible for deleting a row within one table where theprimary key has a compulsory value of a foreign key that would be match with the value of
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