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Operations and ProjectManagement
INTRODUCTIONProject management can be define as a process of initiating, planning, executing as wellas controlling activities of a particular project (Heizer, Render and Munson, 2017). Managingoperations is a crucial part of business as it leads to completing required task in effective andefficient way. It is very important to manage all the activities or task of operation and project inorder to successful complete it and achieve goals and objectives. Company chosen for this reportin M&S and Portakabin. Mark and Spencer group plc is one of the largest company which isdealing in retail sector. It is a British multinational organisation which is providing high qualityclothing and home products. M&S was established in 1884 and founder of this company isMichael Marks and Thomas Spencer. Portakabin is modular building innovators which isoperating in 6 countries. It is a business to business organisation and its customers are otherbusiness. This report includes detail about operation and operation management as well ascritiques of implementing principles of operation management. Continuous improvement plan isdeveloped for organisation in order to achieve its goals and objectives. It will consist of workbreakdown structure and Gantt chart for completing task of project.PART 1An introduction to chosen organisationMarks and Spencer group plc is a British company which is dealing in dealing in clothingretail sector. This company was formed in 1884 and it was founded by Michael Mark andThomas Spencer. Headquarter of this company is located in London, United Kingdom and it isproviding its products and services to different part of the world (Harrison and Lock, 2017).This company is providing high quality clothing, footwear, home ware and other accessoryproducts to customers worldwide. M&S has more than 1400 stores which is located across 57countries as well as it has over 50 international websites.Operation vs Operations managementOperations can be refer as crucial part of an organisation which is responsible forconducting business activates in most effective manner. This is a department which lead tosuccessful running of business as well as earning huge profits. Its role in to develop and designproducts which can satisfy customers needs and wants. Operation management is term which canbe describe as a process through which activities of operation department can be managed1
effective. Management of different tasks and activities of operations is significant as it helps inachieving desired goals and objective. Operation management is an administration part ofbusiness practices and it is majorly concerned with converting raw material into finished product(Kerzner,2017). Operations is a department which is responsible for developing finishedproducts of respective organisation where as operation management is a process of managingand effective conducting task of operations.Critique and review of implementation of operation management principlesCASE STUDY:Marks & Spencer is planning to enhance its business operations in orderto increase it's market share and improve its customers base. Respective company is planning toincrease its business by launching new store at Poland market area. Increasing market segmentand introduction of new store will help in increase productivity as well as importing profits oforganisation. For achieving this goal respective company have to identify need and want ofPoland customer as well as analyse market situation. M&S have to develop a proper plan andvarious strategies which will help in attracting new customer. This company have to conductdifferent marketing activities so that new targeted customer have proper information andknowledge about products and services of Marks & Spencer company.Principles of operation management refer as a some fundamentals which helps incompleting every day task in most effective manner. There are various operation managementprinciples which help in providing visibility into operations and achieving desired goals.Principles of operation management is mention below.Reality:This principle is very helpful in analysing and identifying reality in order toconduct business activities in more effective manner. Respective company have to evaluate itsreality as well as focus on problems (Binder,2016). Operation management of respectiveorganisation needs to analyse difficulties and issues not only just techniques. This principle willhelp in analysing the reality of market area and company and its business operations will notcompletely based on tools and techniques.Change:Company should change in its business process and technology as per newmarket area. Change for better is good as it will help in conducting business activities in bettermanner. Respective company have to adopt new technology and techniques for conducting itsbusiness operations in Poland. Organisation have to identify needs and wants of customers andthen develop new strategies as per requirement of new market area.2
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