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Running head: PRIVATE SCHOOLS OF UAEPREFERENCE OF PRIVATE SCHOOLS AMONG UAE FAMILIESName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
1PRIVATE SCHOOLS OF UAEIntroductionPrivate schools are the independent schools that are not aided by the government and arefunded totally by the students. There are some private schools, where a student might get accessto education free of cost, but that mainly depend on the academic excellence of the individualstudents (Ruban 2012). In this paper a literature review has been provided exploring aboutdifferent private schools across the world and why the Emirati families choose to send theirchildren to private schools.Literature reviewAccording to Ball (2017) government schools do not provide special facilities to thestudents in terms of education. Government schools sometimes do not have proper laboratoryfacilities for the science students. Since, government has to fund the entire spending for theschool; all the aspects related to the infrastructure and advanced facilities might not beaddressed.Since government have to aid a large number of schools it becomes very difficult forthem to reach the perfection. Furthermore, government schools provide education to differentclasses of people irrespective of the socio economic status of the students (Klugman 2012).Students coming from wealthier families might not find it suitable to mix up with the studentscoming from low socio economic background, which leads the parents to admit their children inthe private schools.
2PRIVATE SCHOOLS OF UAEEach and every parent want that their children to get the best, including success, safety,healthcare and love. Most of these parameters are based on good education. As per the bureau ofLabor statistics, graduation rate is inversely proportional to the murder and the assaults rate.Education can be perceived both from government funded institutions or privateinstitutions. Nowadays the education is not cheap. According to the reports byHvidman andAndersen (2013)public college education costs nearly $100, 00 for a student who are likely toattend public schools.In spite of the increasing amount of financial burden, people are daunting towards theprivate schools with the hope of getting advanced education.Iqbal (2012)has argued that there isnot much difference between the academic levels of the government schools and the privateschools and has also cited examples that the eight grade math and the fourth grade readings werejust a wash.According toKlugman (2012)most of the effects of the private school education areinfluenced by the family decisions and motivations. According toLubienski and Lubienski(2013)families of the students studying in the public schools can at least question the authoritiesregarding the licensing and the certification of the teachers, as most of the teachers are appointedon the basis of a level of teaching quality, whereas in the private schools there are no such rulesregarding the appointment of the teachers (Lubienski and Lubienski 2013).Private schools in the UAEMost of the Emirati schools are bestowed with Islamic values other than the westernculture. Emirati families can want their child to be acquainted with other cultures and thuschoose to send their children to private schools (Hvidman and Andersen 2013).
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