Problem. 1. You have 2 files - ‘names.txt’ and ‘charact

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Problem1. You have 2 files - ‘names.txt’ and ‘characters.txt’.2. The `characters.txt` file contains all the characters needed to spell two names from the `names.txt` file. 3. AFTER the 2 correct names are found:* Every character from characters.txt will be used exactly once* There will be no unused charactersOther rules:* You must use Java* You must make your program very modular- with as many re-usable functions as possible.* ONCE your program has displayed and identified the two words.... The characters.txt must notcontain any unused characters. * All functions must be documented.* Use the most efficient data structures: i.e.: HashMaps, ArrayLists, LinkedLists, etc.## ExampleIn the following example, the two names would be `bob` and `foo`#### characters.txt bbfooo#### names.txt alex bob clay doug eric foo

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