Designing a Database for a Financial Service Provider


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Problem AnalysisTo design a database for a financial service provider as discussed in my assignment, first there are branches of the service provider and in all the branches there are employees and employees are headed by branch manager which is present in each branch. A person can be customer by opening their account in any of the branch and each customer is guided by the bank employee and in future he will be his mentor to do any stuff in the bank. After opening their account in the bank customer can able to withdraw,deposit and transfer money to another account. Customer can also able to change its details like address.The design of the database should handle all this stuff and everyone can able to do their task correctly.UsersUserBrief DescriptionFunction NeededBank EmployeeThe person who work in any branch of the bank.They will able to create a new account for the customer and provide help in the future and can manage existing user.CustomersThe person who has bank account.They will be able to update their personal details and do all the bankingstuff.EntitiesKey: Red Text = Brief Description, Green Text = Relationship descriptionsBranch - Contain all the information of all branches. A branch is related to the its employee.Employee - Contain all the information of each employee of their respective branch. Employee will add the new user for the branch and access the type of account.Customer - Contain all the personal information of each customer.Customer will do transaction and can access its account.Transaction - Contain the record of all the transaction done by the user.Transaction is done by any customer and with each transaction there is updation in customer accounts.AccountType - Contain how many types of account is provided by the bank.Employee will access the account type to see the data of all accounts.Accounts - Contain the banking information of all the customers.Accounts of user keep on updating while the customer will do any transaction.CustomerAccounts - Contain the information of related account number.Relation between the customers is there.
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Entities with AttributeKey: (E) = Entity, (R, between [E] and [E]) = RelationshipBranch (E)branchNumber {PK} - Unique number for each branch.branchManager - Manager of the branch.branchAddress - Address of the the branch.Employee (E)employeeID {PK} - Unique ID of employee.employeeName - Name of the employee.Consists (R, between employee and branch)branchNumber {FK} - Branch number to which employee is associated.Customer (E)customerID {PK} - ID of the customer.customerName - Name of the customer.customerAddress - Address of the customer.customerDateTime - Date and time on which customer account is generated.Generates(R, between customer and employee)holdStatus - Status of the customer account that is active or inactive.Transaction (E)transactionID {PK} - ID of transaction.transactionType - Type of the transaction.amount - Amount of the transaction.Do(R, between customer and transaction)customerID {FK} - ID of the customer who done transaction.receiverID {FK} - ID of the customer who receives money.Account Type (E)accountNumber {PK} - Account number of each account type.accountType - Type of account.Intrest - Intrest given by the bank.minBalance - Minimum balance for that account.maxCreditLimit - Maximum credit limit given to this account.fees - Fees taken by the bank.Accounts (E)accountID {PK} - Accountid of accounts.employeeID {FK} - Employee ID of the employee associated with account.Balance - Remaining balance of the account.creditLimit - Credit limit of the account given by employee.Give type(R, between accountType and account)accountNumber {FK} - Account number of which account is managed.holds(R, between customer and account)customerID {FK} - ID of the customer.
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Customer Accounts (E)customerAccountID {PK} - Unique ID of customer account.customerIDs - All IDs of customer to a particular account.getDetails(R, between account and customerAccount)accountID {FK} - ID of the customer account.
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