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Problem analysis and descriptionI assumed myself as professional. My assumed problem is to deal with the daily home basedexpenses and how I can save money monthly or daily bases. This database design solve myproblem. I have created three table one table represent the expense category on which I spentmoney. These expense category can be increases by in future that is why I have created this asseparate table. The second table is designed to store the day, month, year and the total amountof expense according to each expense category. According to this table design I am free toenter record on daily basis or on monthly basis or year basis so this removed my headache tomaintain data according to particular period of time. I have created one more table that is thirdtable in which I can store details of salary and saving. In this table user have to enter the day,month, year and the monthly salary and monthly saving amount. Again this design makes freeuser to enter data on daily or monthly or yearly basis this is his/her own choice how they wantto maintain their records. This type of database give freedom to user. User can save moneyaccording to particular days interval it may be 10 or 15 it is totally depends on user choice. Database Schema1.expenseCategory(expenseTypeID, expenseType)2.expenseDetails(id,expenseTypeID,day,month,year,totalAmount)3.monthlySaving(id,day,month,year,monthySalary,savingAmount)
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