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ENGL 086 Academic Advanced Reading for ESL Students

Added on - 15 Nov 2021

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Problem faced by International Student
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Problem faced by International Student
The last few years in Canada have witnessed the scenario of number of international
students aspiring towards the obtaining of the qualification in the foreign universities (Sheppard
et al., 2015, pp. 8). Although the international students benefit from the education system, they
encounter certain difficulties and problems in adjustment such as the language barriers, lack of
social support and adjustments in the field of academics. There has been growing number of
evidences regarding the international students for whom English is not their first language
(Leong, 2015, pp.461). With the requirements towards meeting certain standards of the
proficiency of English, the international students often face difficulties in writing and studying
English. The thesis statement for the assignment argues the identification of the relevant
challenges that is faced by the international ESL students during their study in the universities of
United States. The assignment furthermore targets the factors that might influence the success of
the international students. The purpose for choosing this particular topic for research is for the
effective identification of the problems and the challenges if the ESL students of other countries,
their academic barriers and needs for guidance for the facilitation of support programs for their
assistance. The essay focuses on the needs of the English language program (ELP) towards
addressing the challenges of the international students. The aim of the essay is to identify the
issues and the problems faced by the international students whose first language is not English in
their academics and their cultural lives in United States. The study furthermore intends to give
the international students some of the opportunities or chances to reflect on their problems and
their experiences being a second language learner of English.
Language issues for International Student
One of the primary motives of the international students to travel to other countries for
the purpose of study is for the learning of the foreign languages for the improvement of their
opportunities in their career path (Wu, Garza & Guzman, 2015, pp. 13). According to the report
of the Institute of International Education, the enrollment of the international students has
comparatively increased from the last few years (The Power of International Education, 2018).
The highest number of the student belong from Asian countries like china, India, South Korea,
Japan and from Canada, Mexico, Turkey and Germany in case of non-Asian countries. In the
survey conducted byAlmurideef (2016, pp. 23), most of the international students face
adjustments problems that include barriers in English as one of the main factors apart from
financial aids, faculties and other administrative issues.Yang, Salzman and Yang (2015,pp. 216)
in their research furthermore explains the problems faced by the students belonging from the
Asian countries whose mother tongue is not English and who study English as their second
language in their academics and regular communication.
English language programs (ELP)
Students who are less fluent in the English tend to face more troubles in the integration of
the peer groups. Cheng and Erben (2012, pp. 481) in their study highlighted the importance of
TOEFL and IELTS as the tool for the evaluation of the skills and the fluency of English for the
international students during the time of admission. Their studies furthermore revealed how the
international students from China reported to feel anxiety while using the English in case of
reading, writing and speaking in classroom together with the understanding of the lectures by the
professors (Martin, 2017, pp.32). In short, the strategies of the English language programs (ELP)
mainly focus on the addressing of the academic barriers and for the international ESL students
from the Asian countries.
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