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Problem ScenarioYou data networking consulting firm has recently been contacted by Western Trucking Inc., for adesign project. Western Trucking operates a large fleet of trucks that deliver shipments for thewholesaler/retailer industry, such as grocery stores, department stores, and home improvementstores. Shown in Figure 1 is a layout of Western Trucking’s main headquarter building andsecondary building. The main building is more than 25 years old, with outside dimensions of 350feet × 150 feet. The secondary building is about 10 years old, with outside dimensions of 100feet on all sides.Figure 1: Facility Map of the Western Trucking HeadquartersWestern Trucking currently has a mix of shared 10BaseT (using hubs) and switched 10BaseTLANs, connected by a series of workgroup routers. Specifically, there is a LAN in each of thefollowing department offices: Data Processing, Accounts Payable and Payroll, AccountsReceivable, Sales and Marketing, Information Services, Human Resources, Agent Operations,and Interstate Operations. The Information Services Department maintains a corporate Webserver and a mail server, while the following departments maintain their own database servers:1
Accounts Payable and Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Sales and Marketing, and HumanResources. Each LAN has its own networked printers. Fleet Maintenance and Dispatch operateseveral standalone computers in the secondary building. Figure 2 shows the organization chart ofWestern Trucking.Figure 2: Western Trucking Organization ChartRequirementsThe rapid growth of Western Trucking’s business volume has put considerable strains on itsexisting network resources. Consequently, management has authorized investments in a fastercorporate networking infrastructure. Given the latest advances in networking technologies,management would like you to propose a design solution after considering alternative standardsand products available. Moreover, management would like to see Fleet Maintenance andDispatch in the secondary building networked and interconnected into the corporate backbone.Design a new enterprise network for them, including the overall architecture, and the specificbackbone and LAN technologies to be used. As with any real-life problem with ambiguities orunresolved considerations, you must make your own assumptions. Be sure to provide adequatejustification for any recommendations you make, and be sure to take your client’s future growthinto consideration.2
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