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Problem Solving in Engineering

Added on - 17 Jun 2021

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Running Head: PROBLEM SOLVING IN ENGINEERING1Problem solving in engineeringAuthors nameUniversity affiliation
PROBLEM SOLVING IN ENGINEERING2ABSTRACTThe development of a coal loading facility and rail system requires various considerationsdepending on the techniques used for setting up the facilities and a step by step procedurefollowed in solving problems and constraints related to it. Specifications follow the analysisgiven to guide in the development of the facilities to meet client demands. In most cases theproblem-solving procedure has steps that include problem definition, developing of amathematical model and computations, implementations of the models and finally testing it.Just like any other fuel, coal needs an end to end efficient transport system taking intoconsideration the user of proper electrical systems to provide mechanical power for its entireoperation.Methods of data collection to aide in solving this system problem are to be applied andcategorized according to the rising problems, that is after taking care of constraints andassumptions.
PROBLEM SOLVING IN ENGINEERING3The need for the development of the coal loading system and rail facility is accompaniedby the pre-installment of information on the geographical, economic and demographic states ofbenefit to the area of development such that the assertions made by the client are met and are allenvironment and human friendly in a problem-solving bid[CITATION Lar12 \l 1033 ].Transport system existing in the area of development should be a key factor insmoothness of operation and meeting the demands of the established system beneficial to theclient and target of operation. A geographical setting for underlay construction of a rail system tothe port facility is neither a consideration to neglect. It will help define the type of materials to beused on rail construction leading to the port for efficiency and durability[ CITATION Sim14 \l 1033 ].In a bid to help execute all the above stated objectives and to help solve the problem onthis development, a series of tasks need to be handled step by step for a perfect solution asexpressed in the procedure section below. But first we need to refer to the main objective of thisproject.ObjectiveThe main objective of this project is to provide a step by step problem solving procedureby defining a problem definition and specification to help guide the development of a coalloading and rail system facility and also to coordinate the impact of the system with the area ofestablishment to create a better ecosystem that is both environment and humanfriendly[ CITATION Jos08 \l 1033 ].An added objective consideration may be focused on the impact of the project on thefuture and how it is flexible to the changing technological regime that is taking different shapesfrom time to time throughout the years.
PROBLEM SOLVING IN ENGINEERING4ProcedureEVALUATING CLIENT BRIEFIn developing the whole project several assumptions that are bound to constraints aremade by the contracting client that are sometimes biased on the execution of the actual initialplan. These assumptions might to some extent affect the budget of the project planning and timeof functionality throughout the entire project establishment.Given the fact that they might not be managed just like any other project plan program,they must to some extent be given a raise of concern by both the project initiators, funders andthe project managers, hence considering the clients brief, assumptions must be drawn out clearly.Some of the assumptions that can be withdrawn from the clients’ brief are;Ease of construction since the client just expects the job to be handled smoothly.Client expects high performance of the system to be developed.Smooth acceptance of the system by demands of the people that would be linked to thesystemFavorable conducive construction environments including geographical conditions.Hundred percent efficiency in the work procedure output during development.However, all these assumptions by the client are met by certain several constraints that mightbe technical and might be a downfall to the efficient development of the whole project, theseinclude;
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