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Problem Statement and Solution- Changes in Technology

Added on - 13 Sep 2019

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Problem Statement and SolutionOur world today is consistently growing due to rapid changes in technology. Manypeople and businesses are often engaged with the use of technology such as laptops, tablets, andsmartphones. Such developments have significantly influenced growth and competitiveadvantage within several industries such as the Car Rental industry. According to Pat FarrellEnterprise’s Chief Marketing Officer, there is a need to pay attention to customer preference dueto new digital and mobile technology (Enterprise, 2014). With technology being the largestdriver of change and opportunity, Car Rental companies are forced to shift towards adopting amobile platform that engages customers with ease and flexibility.Acknowledging this need, we propose designing an interactive rental application thatlures and attracts individuals and businesses. The user interface should be dynamic and easy touse with multiple functionalities. The application will provide users with features such as rentingcars, comparing prices and locating rental stores. The interface should be intuitive with a fluiddesign hence making it easy to navigate. The user can choose to either “sign up to be a member,earn membership rewards” or “reserve the car as a guest”. Then, indicating when and where topick up the car and return the car. Customer can rank their priorities by the brands, models,years, sizes, colors, insurances and discount partners, price ranges. Then, the system shouldprocess the entries and provide a final price (including tax, estimated) to the customers.Customer need to fill out the name, phone number and email (for confirmation purposes) tofinish the reservation.User AnalysisAll rental company have two types of users, those who use the website to rent cars andthose who reserve in person or via phone. Our target customers are those who will use theinternet to reserve cars. Furthermore, they prefer an easy and efficient car-rental experience withcompetitive pricing. Within this target market our user characteristics can be divided into designand purpose. With regards to design the portal being used to access the rental application isdecisive. Our users can use a mobile phone, tablet or computer to access the application. Witheach device comes additional design requirements that must be executed in order to maintain
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