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Assessment Task 3: ProjectThe purpose of the project is to stimulate discussion, and sharing of information/ideasabout meeting tools and techniques, its challenges and best practice by students and thefacilitator.Participation in the class forum is mandatory to achieve competency in this unit particularlyin relation to learner’s project selected for Assessment Task 3.Purpose: Learn to effectively manage diverse and abundant information for use in projectmeets, including through sharing amongst teammates and others.Project Scenario: You work at a company called “Trucking Express” in North Sydney. Yourcompany transports refrigerated goods nationally and internationally. At the moment youhave several customers and all of them are happy except for one. He/She is from “MeatQueensland” in Brisbane, Queensland whichproducesmeat from Queensland andunfortunately every order that has been sent to them has had problems.The first order was delayed by 24 hours.The secondshipmentwas incorrectThe third order had the incorrect invoice report (you charged them too muchmoney)This situation is not good, your client is thinking about changing companies and using one ofyoucompetitors. You are going to have a meeting where it is up to you to......1.Reassure the client that all future deliveries will be without problems.2.Address all the problems and create solutions.3.You need to maintain a good relationship with this customer. You want them toleave happy!Role A -You work at Trucking Express, you are meeting the Queensland client who makesvery large orders with your company. You want to sort out the problems and make a goodimpression.ProblemsSolutionsThe first order was delayed by 24 hours.Ma’am I can understand your problem and Iapologize on the behalf of my whole team. Iheard about the inconvenience that has beencaused to you and we regret for theinconvenience and we are trying our best tosort out your problems ma’am.I tried to contact with my colleague on theprevious day itself and wanted properexplanation as well. My colleague was guiltyabout it and we have looked into the matter
as well. Since there was a delay of 24 hoursfrom our side, as per the policy our companywill be refunding you half portion of the paidamount as well.The second shipment was incorrect.Ma’am I heard about the incorrect shipmentthat has been made about the product. This istotally our fault and I have asked themarketing and delivery department of mycompany to check the shipment properly aswell.I am trying to sort out the issue within a dayor so. I will be sending you the correctshipment within a few days as well. Sorryfor the inconvenience caused ma’amThe third order had the incorrect invoicereport (you charged them too much money)The invoice report that has been sent to youwas incorrect and the amount that wascharged from you was wrong as well. I ammailing you the correct details and trying tosort out the issues within a day or so. Thiswas the mistake of the finance departmentwherein there was an issue in the networkand there was confusion about the differentinvoices of different customers as well.Trying to sort out the issues as soon aspossible ma’am. We regret for theinconvenience caused to you due to us andwe apologize for the same as well. We aresorry to hear about the incident and we lookforward for your support as well in thefuture.Role B -You are the man/woman from “Meat Queensland” meeting with “TruckingExpress”. You have had problems with deliveries and hope to resolve the problem at themeeting you are attending. You are angry and upset.ProblemsSolutionsThe first order was delayed by 24 hours.I never expected such kind of servicefrom your organization. The order thathas been received by me was delayed by
24 hours and this was not accepted aswell. Such kind of service is not expectedfrom professional people like you. If suchthings are continuing, I have to changethe company and go to some othercompany as well.The second shipment was incorrect.The second shipment that has beenreceived by me was incorrect in natureand this is making me losing my temperas well. Your company is professional andsuch services are not expected from you.I want refund of the money as theshipment is incorrect and this is thesecond time this kind of mistake ishappeningThe third order had the incorrect invoicereport (you charged them too muchmoney)The third order had incorrect report ofinvoice and the amount that has beencharged is too much as well. I will bechanging to other company and this isthe last time I will be coordinating withyou people as previously such things hasoccurred as well.I want refund of the amount along withthe proper explanation of such mistakesthat has caused issues to me as well.Useful phrases you could use to start the meetingAHello. Let me introduce myself, I am ................ from ................ Nice to meetyou.BI don’t think we have met before. I am............... from ................ Nice to meetyou too.AHow was your journey? Did you arrive here ok?BYes it was fine, there was very little trafficAPlease follow me, we can sit in my office and discuss the current problems
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