Problems in the Pay System


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Problems in the Pay System

Answer 1According to me the CCUA department’s current practices related to the computer analyst Iposition and data processor II positions is not so competitive and equitable because pay providedfor both the positions are below the average pay structure.As per the data collected from the survey, it can be said that the department should change itscurrent pay structure for both the jobs. The predetermined average salary well-suited to theComputer Analyst I is $34,186 (Belogolovsky, 2014). If the pay structure of CCUA departmentis compared to another department, it is found that pay is lower than the fixed pay structure.Answer 2The outcome of survey represents that the computer analyst I and data processor II positions arenot competitive. Due to this, the department faced lot problems of employee turnover. Pay ofemployees should be increased by the department if they want to control the employee turnover.This income can be raised through the money saved by the department through recruitment cost.On the other hand, they can also recruit some new potential employees who have enoughknowledge about the working area. This will be able to save the training cost of the departmentwhich can be utilized efficiently by paying a large amount of pay to employees.Answer 3The department activate an assessment system of internal equity by utilizing job evaluations suchas Are all employees of the department receiving equal pay or not? The employees of thedepartment should perceive the pay system as being fair (Carraher, 2015). If internal inequalitiesexist in the department, these problems would first need to be identified and dealt with. After1

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