The Process of Effective Communication Skills

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Running head: BECOMING A PROFESSIONALBecoming a ProfessionalName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1BECOMING A PROFESSIONALThe essay aims to catalogue in a neat and comprehensible manner self assessment basedon two evidence based examples which would enumerate the qualities essential for the selfassessment. It will also include an index of qualities and their advantages that would bebeneficial in the improvement of one’s capabilities helping to achieve the short and medium termgoals. The study will be responsible to assess different skills and advantages in an individual’slife. With evidence based assessment of the development of skills the reflective self-assessmentjournal will be thorough and complete. A list of short as well as medium term goals will also bebriefed to improve academic, career aspiration and different other professional goals. A.The 2 best pieces of evidence I have gathered. . .During the report process, I was being given a situation where I had to come up with aplan regarding a sales company. As a part of that task I had to identify potential customers andanalyze the areas where the density of these customers will be highest. Furthermore, I was alsoasked to critically assess the potential obstacles in the way of selling of the product. However, Iperformed excellently in outlining the core problems and sketched effective measures that wouldhelp to deal with the issues effectively. I was additionally given the benefit of analyze my criticalthinking skill when I logically analyzed the whole market scenario and ventured on to takeinventive measures. My effective measures also included a slight change in the way they endorsetheir product- the logo, the caption and the background color that lacked luster. Thereforesketching product selling strategies I clarified the nature of the main problem and with thecollected information tried to come up with brainstorming ideas to select the best solution for thecrisis that is, the lack of product selling in certain areas. I helped my team members to implementthe solution keeping in consideration a number of factors like availability of resources like time,money and number of workers. This showed by research skills which is an important exponent of
2BECOMING A PROFESSIONALgood professional and professional judgments and initiative. I was able to affluently search thedata, apply strategies and critically analyze them to know the ethical and practical measures.Therefore, I have realized that I have good professional and professional judgments andinitiative. I carefully constructed strategies that would help me and my team to face potentialrisks and scenarios of crisis equipped with ideas and remedies. I also got appreciation from myteam members for my result-oriented ideas and resourcefulness. During the ongoing of the project, however I met with the chance of reviewing myeffective communication skills. I was confronted with the challenge of selling notebooks topeople in a random market area. To proceed with this task, I had to employ both my imaginativefaculties and communication skills to ensure that the notebook is looking class and better thanordinary notebooks. Additionally, I had to ensure the other factors like the physical appearanceof the notebook and my convincing skills which will help me in molding their thoughts andunderstand the necessity as well as the worth of the product. I designed the cover as well aschose bright colored notebooks with alluring pictures of comics and celebrity slogans. I played apart in making them realize the value of a bohemian piece of product in their daily monotonouslife and presented the books in a way that made kept them on a pedestal higher than the ordinaryones. I arranged the notebooks according to their genres and time period and made the colorslook beautiful by juxtaposing the dull with the vibrant. In this manner I was able to execute mytask of selling the pieces and influencing my team for active collaboration on the same.
3BECOMING A PROFESSIONALB. Analysis and reflections about the process of self-assessment that I have undertaken.Effective Communication skills: The process of self-evaluation helped me to both work on myweaknesses and improve them for my own benefit. The above two tasks tested my cognitiveskills and polished the understanding of concepts and ideas which resulted in producing positiveresults. During the ongoing of the project I was put under circumstances which helped me todevelop my reasons, logical analysis, resourcefulness, innovation and the power to implementimaginative skills during crucial juncture. Critical thinking has made me work on mycommunication which has further increased my performance rate in the academia because itprompted me to make better usage of my thinking skills for coherent argument. In order toanalyze the development of my communication faculties, I undertook the task of sellingnotebooks through comprehending the psychology of the customers buying the particularproduct- notebook. One of the many advantages of the self-assessment task is that it helped meto generate knowledge and made usage of the same in order to develop my meta-cognition skills.It helped me in developing communication and assessing the psychology of customers, which inmy university life has helped me immensely in debates, where I was helped in constructingarguments and counterarguments during my academic life. The development of effectivecommunication skills helped me during my University phrase, to view a problem or hindrancefrom different viewpoints as to come up with better solutions. The communication TheoryFramework states that from a Mechanistic view point, communication is at its bare essential, thetransmission of information from first party to second party. With the help of critical thinking,however, I learnt to follow the thought process of an individual and line of reasoning to establish

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