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REFLECTIVE1Reflective learning:As far as the learning experience of the course is considered, it has been analysed that I havelearnt a lot from this research. I have realised that making the research projects and conductingresearch about the topic is very effective in getting the knowledge about the topic rather thanreading about that topic. This is because conducting the research helps in analysing the variousaspect of that topic along with conducting the new research. I had a very good learningexperience during the overall course because I have developed my knowledge about social mediawhich is the very important and the essential topic to talk about these days. It is not only servingthe people at individual level but has become very important for businesses. This research is veryvaluable because it has provided different types opportunities for the business to be explored inthe field of social networking. This is because this research has provided that information aboutthe advantages and the disadvantages of using social networking. It has been analysed thatinvolving the social media networking mediums helps in developing the business activities andespecially the marketing sector of the company. I have thought of social networking as a mediumto interact with the people but it is much more than that.This learning process and the experience that I have got at the time of making this research arevery useful for me in different phases of my life. As far as the course and my academic life isconcerned, this research has given me so much of knowledge about social networking that nowcan be on some of the sites to get the educational knowledge because there are many sitesavailable for the people to have educational related material. In the whole program, tis researchwould be helpful for me because social networking is the topic that is reacted to each and everysector of life whether it is personal or professional. Even the professional people have to maketheir accounts on some of the social networking sites to be linked with the other professionalpeople. This also helps in knowledge sharing purpose. Now, I have also realised that socialmedia is playing a great role in framing the career. This is because the job seekers are makingtheir profiles on the social networking sites so that the companies can find them and their profileover the net and contact them to appear for the interviews. This suggests that in every phase thatis life or profession, learning about social networking is helping me and the other people to use itfeatures for availing many benefits.
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