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Process of Mail Merge Report

Added on - 05 Jun 2020

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How I created a Mail merge?
INTRODUCTIONMail merge is usually used in making multiple documents at once. This present report isbased on mail merge and it will explain the whole process of mail merge.Process of Mail MergeStep 1: Prepare DataThe first process of making data for that I need to set up the data, for that I need to useexcel-sheet as the data source for the recipient list. Besides this, there are some tips throughwhich I will prepare data for mail merge (Baude and, 2015).First, I will need to make columns for different names. They should match with fieldnames.I need to make all data merged in the first sheet of my spreadsheet.I need to do proper formatting of all currencies and postal codes, so that Word can easilyassess their values.Step 2: Start the mail mergeIn Word, I need to chooseFile>New>Blank document.Then I need to select mailing tab in the start mail group. Afterwards, choosemerge option to run the function (Heidenreich and, 2015).Then I need to selectRecipients>use an Existing List.1
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