Product Marketing Strategies Worksheet

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StrategicgapanalysisTop-linerevenueobjectiveProjectedsalesStrategicgapWorksheet: Product-Market StrategiesStep 1 Conduct a strategic gap analysisTop line revenue objectiveThe objective of the top line revenue is to increase the revenues by increasing the sue ofmobile payment system in the consumer marketProjected SalesBy analyzing the current strategies, it is projected that the sales will be giving revenues onan average rate such as $311,450,710 in first year, $317, 540, 200 in second years and$326,416,729 in third year. But from the future perspective there is a need that thecompany must take use of an innovative technology to have increased market share andrevenue. The market is between the growth and the maturity stage as it is one of the mostrecognized social media platforms but still has a number of innovative and pioneeringtechnologies by which it can conquer new market share.$396,426,729
a)From the last five years, it has analysed that Facebook is growingcontinuously with an increasing rate. The growth, revenue and thecustomer base all have been increased with an upsurge rate. But a fewpoints, it has been analysed that there has been a decrease in the revenuesand customer base and the most significant reason can be the increasingnumber of competition in the social media market. Therefore, it has beenanalysed that there must be used new and innovative operations andstrategies to maintain the growth.b)The estimated top-line revenues by taking use of a new strategy is$359,570,729 in first year, $377,549,266 in second year and $396,426,729in the third year. Thus, to maintain the market leadership and havesustainable growth and success, there is a need to have innovativetechnologies such as the mobile payment system.Strategic GapYear 1Year 2 Year 3Top-line revenue objective$359,570,729$377,549,266$396,426,729
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